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Friday, April 16, 2010

rise of the assassins

All across the internet, the chatter has built up.
The voices rise in cacaphony.
They are speculating about who might have assassinated President of Poland Lech Kazcynski and the one hundred other Polish heroes who died with him.
The men and women on the plane with President Kazcynski had been instrumental in Poland's reassertion of her ancient freedoms.
They more than any others were the guarantors of Poland's repudiation of the oppressions of Soviet rule.
Now they are gone.
The conspiracy theories have proliferated.
Nonsense about Polish rivals downing the aeroplane.
Rubbish about a secret World Government removing its enemies.
Tosh talk about breakdowns in communication between Polish pilots and the Russian control tower, with President Kazcynski ordering the pilots to attempt to land their old unsafe plane in perilous fog while the heroic Russian air traffic controllers just couldn't make them understand the dangers because of the language barrier.
Drivel all.
Drivel quite possibly perpetrated by the real murderers of Lech Kazcynski.
Now that the cats out of the bag about the plane crash being an assassination, the most workable method for the Russians in making the cat invisible, is to surround him with a lot of nonsense cats.
There's only one conspiracy theory that we need to be concerned with.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and deranged elements of the Russian secret service, against the will of their own people, have perpetrated a new Katyn massacre.
Prime Minister Putin has killed one hundred birds with one missile.
And Russia is in the hands of psychopaths.


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