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Monday, October 04, 2010

just a closer rant with thee

Evening at the Dominican Church in Newbridge.
I am pewing in the key of life.
That is to say I am in the midst of my Holy James routine, top pew, front row, centre, ethereal glow, etc etc.
Tis epic I tells ee.
I am tapped on the shoulder.
Two Kilcullen people Kevin and May Baines are standing there.
"This is a hard time for the Church," says Kevin.
I shake my haloed head.
"Not at all," I announce warmly. "This isn't hard. We haven't been asked to bear the stripes. We haven't been whipped in the streets. We haven't been asked to wear the crown of thorns. We haven't been asked to have nails hammered into our hands and feet. We haven't been asked to hang on the cross. We haven't been asked to take a spear in the side. We haven't even had to take a nice quick bullet. Or get blown up. Or burnt alive. We haven't been asked to live under The Penal Laws, or Nazism, or Communism, or the Muslims. Really we've barely suffered at all. Because all we've been asked to do is to live through a time when we are ridiculed and calumniated on a daily basis by cosmically mediocre sub-Bolshevick communist atheistic scoundrels in Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE. All we've been asked to do is to endure inuendo laden falsehoods from debased leering clowns in Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE, calling us and our Church child abusers. All we've been asked to do is to be on the receiving end of slander and derision from abjectly gormless charlatans in Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and RTE, the self same idiots who have progenitored, propagated, committed and concealed more child abuse than any supposed Christians at any time in any history, progenitored because their own porno culture causes it, propagated because their attempted exploitation of infantile sexualities via the dissemination of salacious marketing and programming materials has expanded the rate of sexual incontinence exponentially throughout the general populace, committed because in spite of what they pretend there's no family in Ireland untouched by this, and concealed simply by virtue of their championing the most egregious lie of all that most sex abuse cases occur at the hands of religious people, fostering this lie I say, while giving negligible reportage to the fact that sex abuse in our country exists within every sector of society and runs rampant particularly in those institutions where there is an absence of believing Christians such as Health Boards, Sports Clubs, Hospitals, Families, parliament and Schools. No. this isn't a hard time for the Church. All we've been asked to do is put up with a bit of ridicule from people who themselves are congenitally ridiculous. All we've been asked to do is listen to lies about ourselves from people who are slaves to the kingdom of lies. All we've been asked to do is to experience the usurpation of Judgement and the ascription of guilt to ourselves at the hands of criminals whose criminality is immeasurable and who in any decent society would be Judges of nothing. We haven't been asked to bleed or to die or to go into exile. It's not that hard what we've been asked to put up with. Actually it's quite easy compared to what Catholics have suffered in the name of Jesus throughout history."


Blogger Adrienne said...

So true!

4:57 PM  
Blogger heelers said...

Good to know you're in town Ade!

9:17 PM  

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