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Friday, October 07, 2011

credit where credit is due

Teresa Treacy, the woman incarcerated in Ireland by an evil alliance between Judge Liberal and the Electricity Supply Board, has been released.
She was jailed by Judge Daniel Herbert for the crime of not allowing the ESB to cut down trees on her land.
So let's face it.
She was jailed for nothing.
She was jailed because Judge Daniel Herbert and the ESB (which operates a monopoly business in Ireland and pays its do nothing employees salaries in excess of a hundred grand a year) are both criminally incompetent, nay evil.
Judge Daniel Herbert claimed that Teresa Treacy, a 65 year old woman, had somehow set herself up against the Constitution of Ireland.
He intended that she would not be released from jail until she had purged her contempt of court.
This is a legalistic phrase meaning Daniel Herbert intended that 65 year old Teresa Treacy would languish in jail until she apologised to him.
But she's free.
She defied them until they let her go.
Her release came about because of a publicity campaign by the Irish edition of the Daily Mail.
It galls me to say it.
But the Daily Mail done good.
Real good.
How do we get Daniel Herbert and the ESB to purge their contempt?
I mean their contempt of the law generally, the Constitution in particular, and the Irish people as a whole.
How do we punish them for their frivolous wrong minded pseudo legalistic evil?
I'm asking you how bold readers.
Some way.
They're gonna pay.


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