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Saturday, December 17, 2011

enquiring minds

In the wake of the publication of yet another contrived and manipulative pseudo investigative report purporting to consider the Catholic Church's handling of old sex abuse cases, it is interesting to consider the sort of enquiries the Irish government does not initiate and has no intention of initiating. The latest attack upon the Church, masquerading as a public enquiry, was timed neatly to distract the citizenry's attention from the egregious guilt of the broadcaster RTE whose employees had just been caught red handed trying to ruin Father Kevin Reynolds and his Church by disseminating false accusations implicating Father Reynolds in the rape of a little girl and further accusing him of fathering children with that little girl. The timing of the release of the new enquiries into the Catholic Church was also sweet for those who contrive such things, coming so close as it did to Christmas. Subtle aren't they?  The new enquiry was contrived by a group of liberal leftists who call themselves The National Committee For Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church. Their unctious and presumptious title says it all. By using a title like this for their committee, these scruff create an assumption of guilt before they contrive any publication or report. I don't consent to this, whether they have been appointed by Bishops or not. By the by, RTE had refused to allow Father Reynolds to take a paternity test prior to broadcasting RTE's attempt to ruin him. I kid you not. At time of writing there are no less than three fake enquiries underway into RTE's attempt to destroy this priest and his church. None of these are genuine enquires. All three are being conducted by RTE insiders. So they're not really enquiries in the sense that they might hold anyone to account for RTE's attempt to destroy Father Reynolds. As per usual, the general public has been required to finance the libel fees which RTE incurred in trying to destroy Father Reynolds. Journalist Aoife Kavanagh who was responsible for contriving and publicising the false accusations which were intended to destroy Father Reynolds and his Church, will not pay a red cent. Enquiries indeed. I say it again. There will be no genuine enquiry into RTE's attempt to murder Father Kevin Reynolds. There will be no enquiry into the legislative financing of RTE which compels Irish Catholics to finance a television station that is overtly attempting to destroy their Church while preventing those Catholics from setting up television stations of their own to compete with it. There will be no enquiry into the decades long manipulation of popular discourse in Ireland by rebranded communists styling themselves atheistic humanists who have subsumed RTE to themselves. There will be no enquiry into RTE's forty year propaganda campaign against the Christian faith in Ireland. There will be no enquiry into RTE's forty year alliance with Independent Newspapers and the Irish Times in seeking to eliminate the Catholic Church from the Republic of Ireland.


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