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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

heelers interview with irish prime minister enda kenny

I met Enda Kenny a few years ago.
I was put sitting beside him at a dinner party in Athy by a Fine Gael Councillor named Richard Daily Press Release.
I took the opportunity to lobby Enda Kenny briefly.
I told him that a serial killer called Larry Murphy was about to be relased from an Irish jail.
I informed him that Larry Murphy and his friends had kidnapped, tortured, violated and murdered Deirdre Jacob, Jo Jo Dollard, Annie McCarrick and others.
I suggested that Larry Murphy and his friends were members of an Irish devil worship ring which kills for sport.
I reminded him that Larry Murphy was currently sitting in jail letting the clock run down on the paltry ten year sentence a certain Judge Liberal had given him for one of his attempted torturing's, rapes, violations and murders which had been interrupted before he got to the murder part.
I pointed out that Larry Murphy had refused to discuss what he and his friends did to Deirdre Jacob, Jo Jo Dollard, Annie McCarrick and others.
I reiterated the fact that Larry Murphy had refused to accept any of what Liberal Judges and Social Workers call treatment, to address his predilection for kidnapping, torturing, violating and murdering innocent women who have never done any harm to him, or indeed to anyone, in their lives.
Enda Kenny listened to me through it all.
"James," he said finally, "we can do something about this."
Since that conversation Enda Kenny has been elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland.
Larry Murphy, having been set free by the Irish Courts, now stalks the land.
He will pick his next victims at leisure.


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