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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

results of the heelers enquiry into the cloyne report

1. The Cloyne Report, compiled by Judge Yvonne Murphy and unnamed associates in the Irish Courts Service, purports to be an investigation of the Catholic Church's handling of sex abuse cases in a particular region of Ireland. The report is more correctly understood as a show trial conducted by secret committee with Judge Yvonne Murphy  as its figurehead, and no representation or cross examination permitted on behalf of those Judge Yvonne Murphy and her friends are seeking to ruin.

2. Judge Yvonne Murphy's Cloyne Report focusses on the Church's handling of unproven allegations against 19 priests dating from 1996 to 2009. Only one of these priests has ever been convicted of any crime. Judge Yvonne Murphy crassly seeks to blame the Church for the failure of the Police, the State, the Judiciary and the Courts to secure prosecutions over the other, often tenuous, allegations against the remaining 18. In a spirit of malicious and injudicious vindictiveness she refuses to consider the possibility that any allegation against any Catholic priest could be false. She also refuses to consider the preponderant responsibility of the Police, the State and the Judiciary to secure convictions when such allegations emerge. She utterly fails to extend her scrutiny over those who make such allegations but never trouble themselves to go the Police. In every instance, she concludes that any appearance of inaction over a sex abuse allegation against a priest must be blamed on the Church rather than on traditional law enforcement agencies. This reasoning on the part of Judge Yvonne Murphy is calculatedly malicious.

3. The real targets of Judge Yvonne Murphy's Cloyne Report are not the 18 priests against whom sex abuse allegations have been made in the Cloyne diocese. The real targets are ordinary Bishops and priests against whom those wishing to destroy the Church have formerly laboured in vain to contrive criminality. Judge Yvonne Murphy uses and abuses her powers as compiler of this Report to devise guilt for any Bishop or priestly colleague of these 18 priests who knew of the allegations against them and did not go straight to the police. She broadens the whole notion of guilt regarding sex abuse so that anyone in the land whom she or her friends wished to destroy, could be labelled a concealer of child abuse. Any of us would be guilty under this standard of judgement. But of course Yvonne Murphy and her friends only wish to destroy those of us who dare to proclaim the truth of the Catholic faith. This casually invidious and utterly unjust ascription of wrongdoing to Bishops and priests who may or may not have known of unproven allegations against the 18, is the key methodology used by Judge Yvonne Murphy in order to criminalise a generation of priests and Bishops out of existence. With godlike mania, she has invented criminality for all of them, and with demonic certitude, she has pronounced them all guilty.

4. I say it again. The real targets of Judge Yvonne Murphy's Cloyne Report are the vast majority of noble, courageous, holy, honorable and self sacrificing priests and Bishops, the ones who minister tirelessly at our births, our marriages, our funerals, and our prayer services, and against whom no genuine sex abuse allegation has ever exist. Judge Yvonne Murphy has invented a new definition of sex abuse in order to net them. Judge Yvonne Murphy now insists sex abuse has been committed by any person not handling a report of sex abuse the way she arbitrarily and retrospectively claims reports of sex abuse should have been handled. She constructs this notion only so that it may be applied to the Catholic Church. As I've said before, if it was applied to the rest of us, the whole country would be in jail. As would Judge Yvonne Murphy and her friends. Certainly it would mean jail for life for those Judges who refused to convict Judge Brian Curtin when he was caught paying to see children raped on the internet. I would assert gentle readers, that Judge Brian Curtin's crimes alone make negligible anything that is alleged against any priest in the Cloyne Report. Judge Yvonne Murphy has broadened the conception and connotion of guilt vis a vis sex abuse so that literally anyone could be arrested. But she and her friends are only hunting Catholic priests and Bishops. So the rest of us are safe as long as we don't go having Christian conversions. This is the nature of tyranny. It is arbitrary and it is unjust and it is merciless. I tell you she is doing this in order to eviscerate the Catholic Church of its best and brightest. She is doing this in order to feed the pure fiction that sex abuse cases within the Church exceed the level of those outside it. There is no other reason for what she and her friends in the Judiciary and government, are doing.

5. The explicit purpose of Judge Yvonne Murphy's Cloyne Report is to manufacture guilt for the innocent.

6. Those impugned in the report are given no right to refute the largely nefarious allegations against them.

7. Those impugned in the report have been given no right to cross examine their largely anonymous accusers.

8. Those impugned in the report have been given no right of appeal against the tendentious and injudicious conclusions of Judge Yvonne Murphy.

9. This report has been contrived to get a specific result, ie to ascribe arbitrary criminality to innocent Catholic priests and Bishops, as part of an ongoing anti Catholic kulturkampf in Ireland.

10. Those impugned in the report have not been afforded expert legal representation in order to answer the wrongdoing being contrived against them.

11. The Cloyne report was compiled by Judge Yvonne Murphy, a member of the liberal atheistic pseudo establishment, the same establishment which has delivered the present day society of violent lawlessness to Ireland, and all but plunged us into a new dark ages. It is about as fair a report as I might write were I permitted to stand in judgement on Yvonne Murphy and her fellow conspirators in the judiciary.

12. Judge Yvonne Murphy's Cloyne report takes as its starting point the dysfunctional and opprobrious notion that the Church can be held accountable for failures by the police, the State, and the Judiciary to secure convictions against members of the Church accused of child abuse.

13. Judge Yvonne Murphy further assumes that there can be no responsibility for supposed victims and their relatives who never even troubled to complain to the Police about the supposedl abuse they claimed to have suffered.

14. Judge Yvonne Murphy invents a new standard for the Church. A standard not to be applied to any other institution in Ireland. That is to say she deems the Church guilty of a criminal act if a Bishop to whom an abuse allegation has been made does not himself engage in law enforcement activities. She ignores the responsibility of supposed victims and their advocates to take their own cases to the Police. And she ignores the reality that in many cases victims demand confidentiality from Bishops in whom they confide.

15. Judge Yvonne Murphy takes every allegation against the Church as proven. She creates an assumption of guilt for priests accused of sex abuse. She accords such priests no right to speak for themselves. Her guiding principle is that every allegation is true. Her notion of law is twisted and malign.

16. Judge Yvonne Murphy accords credibility to the most tenuous claims. One person posing as a victim claimed in total that on a single occasion a priest had tried to kiss her. She refused to say what age she was at the time. She admitted she was a teenager. She may have been 19 or 15. She claimed she had not been in fear of the priest. She claimed had told him to f--- off, that she had left the room and that she had never seen him again. Judge Yvonne Murphy considered this claim a genuine example of child abuse. The case ended up in court and this priests name and photograph was published every day for a week in every newspaper in Ireland. At the end of the week a Judge threw out the case, not because of the sheer ridiculous tenuous invidiousness of it, but because before taking her case, the woman had earlier tried to blackmail the priest, approaching him through a third party and demanding money.

17. Judge Yvonne Murphy's report accords credibility as an abuse victim to an adult woman who claimed: "A priest befriended me and I felt so manipulated by him." That's the sum total of what Judge Yvonne Murphy is alleging to be abuse in this case.

18. Claimed sex abuse incidents against a total of 19 priests are investigated in Judge Yvonne Muphy's Cloyne report. Only one of these cases has resulted in a conviction. Some of the cases are clearly manufactured and false. In every case, we encounter the inaction of the Police, the State and the Judiciary, all of whom have the primary role in law enforcement. The inaction, incompetence and arrant corruption of the Police, the State and the Judiciary, is being falsely blamed on the Church.

19. Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has drip fed Yvonne Murphy's contrived and mendacious Cloyne Report into the public domain. He has released it in stages over the past few months. He has done so in order to further contrive as much damage as possible in the public mind for the Catholic Church.

20. Judge Yvonne Murphy's Cloyne Report is part of an ongoing strategy emanating from shadowy figures hiding within the upper echelons of Irish society and styling themselves atheistic humanists, who wish to destroy the Christian faith in this country.

21. Judge Yvonne Murphy's Cloyne Report is trumped up, malign, malicious, mendacious, and unjust.

22. Judge Yvonne Murphy's Cloyne Report is itself a criminal assault upon the person and reputation of the former Bishop of Cloyne Doctor Joseph Magee whom she wishes to destroy for the crime of being a Secretary to Three Popes. His is the scalp du jour for the liberal atheists currently seeking to hijack Ireland.

23.Judge Yvonne Murphy's Cloyne Report is a blatently manipulative attempt to criminalise the Catholic faith.


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