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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the most shocking thing about the latest cloyne report release

The most shocking thing about the latest extracts from the Cloyne Report, released by our government in an attempt to malign the Catholic Church at Christmas, was the fact that the anti Catholic Irish Independent, the most anti Catholic newspaper group in Europe, didn't even feature the rehashed tissue of lies on its cover.
This is a first, gentle readers.
In thirty years of slandering the Faith of our Fathers, Independent Newspapers has never failed to run such a story on its covers.
Can it be that they've started to notice the ongoing consequences of their  bigotry?
Could they really be aware that their negligible readership collapses even further every time they smear our ancient, beautiful and true religion?
I've always sought to point out that these bigots are not sensitive to public perceptions.
They have sought the destruction of the Church even as their net indebtedness passed the two billion dollar mark.
We are nothing to them.
They regard us as farm animals to be led into the broad sunlit uplands of feudal service to Tony O'Reilly's moth eaten family.
Yes folks, Independent Newspapers has traded without readers for thirty years.
Their circulation figures and their much less publicised sales figures are equally false.
Independent Newspapers was enabled to continue its war against the Catholic Church for the last three decades without readers only through the most egregious accountancy tricks, oh and through the largesse of our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail and Fine Gael governments giving them limitless sums of tax payers' money for utterly unnecessary Health Board advertising, and of course through the lavish generosity of idiot banks advancing two billion dollars for Independent Newspapers' decrepit faux commercial adventurism in the sure hope that when the idiot banks inevitably collapsed because Independent Newspapers and their ilk will never repay their ridiculous debts, our aforementioned corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail and Fine Gael governments will mortgage the nation and its future, to bail out those self same banks and to keep Tony O'Reilly and his latest trophy wife and their horrendous brood, in BMWs.
That's two billion in losses that we know about by the way.
The real figure will be much much higher.
But I digress.
The real news is this.
Today the Irish government released a new trumped up Report designed to malign the Catholic Church at Christmas for its handling of old sex abuse cases.
And the Irish Independent hid it on page nine.
They're scared.
The little b-st--ds are frightened.
At last.


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