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Monday, December 19, 2011

rum ironies

Today the Irish Times features copious coverage of the death of the former President of Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Havel.
Mr Havel was a hero of the Czechoslovakian defiance of the attempt by Russian Communists to take over the world during the last century.
As news came through that he had died yesterday, word also broke of the death of another famous ruler of another country which the Communists had more success in targeting for enslavement.
Kim Jung Il, President of North Korea, had died of a heart attack.
Kim Jung Il and his family have run North Korea as a province of Communist China for sixty years.
Be in no doubt.
The people of North Korea are in Communist hell.
Which is where the liberal atheistic pseudo elites of the Free World have consigned them.
The only sense that North Koreans are not in hell, is in the sense that God has not abandoned them.
But the rest of us have.
Now get this.
At the same time as Vaclav Havel was, by the grace of God, defying the atheistic Marxists of Russia and China, in leading his country to freedom, Kim Jong Il was collaborating with the atheistic Marxists of Russia and China in inflicting the most hideous Communist enslavement in human history upon the people of North Korea.
It continues to this day.
Kim Jong Il and his father before him, and his son after him, have ensured that North Koreans live in a hellish miasma of despair that would terrify the damned denizens of Dante's inferno.
Today the Irish Times reserves pages for its eulogies of Vaclav Havel.
A man they despised during the Cold War.
And for fifty years during the Cold War, the Irish Times and its reporter from Russia Mr Seamus Martin, a full brother no less of Archbishop Diarmuid whom I have called a Soviet era infiltrator of the Catholic Church, for fifty years I say, Seamus Martin and the Irish Times cheered for the Soviet takeover of Mr Havel's country and the world.
The Irish Times did this through fifty years of infantile warnings about the purely imaginary dangers of American imperialism, through fifty years of malign propaganda against the the noble and just State of Israel, and through fifty years of lying about and deliberately concealing the true evil that was the Soviet Union and Communist China.
And today they eulogise Mr Havel as though they had been his pals all along.
As though they had not sought his death and evisceration through their trumpeting of the joys of Sovietism.
As though the Irish Times itself was not directly implicated in the Russian Communist attempt to subvert humanity.
As though the Irish Times itself was not run from at least the 1970's as an espionage disinformation operation, accountable only to Moscow Centre of the Kah Tset Beh.
Well I'm just saying is all.
But I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
As though, but that's enough as though's.
What a grotesque insult to the memory of Vaclav Havel to be eulogised on his death in the Irish Times.
Of course the insult is also to our own intelligence.
The Irish Times is gambling that Irish citizens will have short memories.
Their insult to us and to Mr Havel today is not complete however.
For the Irish Times which for fifty years championed and apologised for countries run by Russian Communist and Chinese Communist monstrosities all over the world, can today find no space at all to mention the passing of President Kim Jong Il of North Korea.
No eulogy.
No belated condemnation for this cruel deluded atheistic Marxist Chinese Communist proxy.
Nothing at all for this former hero of the Irish Times.
The irony... is screaming.


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