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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Mary Raftery is dead.
She was in her fifties.
The Irish Times, RTE and Independent Newspapers are currently printing rave reviews of her life, masquerading as obituaries.
Even so their fathers praised the false prophets.
Perhaps a more critical assessment of her accomplishments is in order.
In the interests of balance.
Mary Raftery was a key figure in the orchestration of the current culture war against the Catholic Church.
She accomplished her aim of alienating significant segments of the Irish populace from the faith through the manipulation of public perception on sex abuse cases.
She was a liar.
A grotesque liar.
But she never told a single lie.
Her multifarious lies were predicated simply on ignoring 99.99 percent of the truth.
Mary Raftery pretended to be concerned about sex abuse victims.
She championed, steered and promulgated various televisual documentaries and print journalism pieces investigating the tiny minority of overall sex abuse cases which arise within the Catholic Church.
She ignored the 99.99 percent of cases arising in the general community, among families, in hospitals, in health board care, in sports clubs, and in schools, at the hands of randomly dysfunctioning indiviuals, at the hands of devil worshippers and at the hands of paedophile rings.
Ah yes.
All victims are important.
But some victims are more important than others.
The only victims that mattered to Mary Raftery were the miniscule percentage of victims who were useful to her in propagating an organised societal wide pogrom against the Catholic Church.
Mary Raftery deliberately concealed the truth about the broad nature of the tidal wave of sex abuse engulfing every sector of society in Ireland, and indeed the world.
Mary Raftery deliberately ignored the most extreme cases of child abuse in Ireland which were of no use to her because they had nothing to do with the Catholic Church.
Mary Raftery lived and perpetrated the most malign malicious mendacious falsehoods solely because she despised Christianity more than she cared about the truth.
May her soul rot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bit about souls rotting is a bit off message from mainstream Chrisianity, isn't it?

7:59 PM  
Blogger heelers said...

If you would struggle with monsters you must beware lest you become a monster.
And if you're reading this diary regularly, you're going to know that the whole plot twist is that it is not the souls of the villains I expose that are in play, but my own soul.

8:01 PM  

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