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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

our coming attractions

Extract from my forthcoming play.


Curtain rises on Holmes' rooms at 22B Baker Street. The furnishings, muted lighting and decor give a gentle suggestion of the Victorian period. There is clutter but it is indupitably interesting clutter. A window opens on the street. Holmes and Watson are seated in armchairs. From outside comes the sound of a horse clip clopping over cobbles.

Holmes: Hark Watson. If I'm not mistaken our next case approaches. Outside our door a man is dismounting from his horse. He is a small man, sallow skinned, and silver haired, with an exceptionally long grey beard. Conservatively dressed in the style of about the late 1870's. He has a hump and only one leg. He lost his other leg in the Crimea. He speaks good English but with a marked German accent. His concerns at this moment run chiefly to the whereabouts of a certain missing diplomatic treaty. But ah. He is here. The game is afoot.

(There is a knock on the door. Watson gets up and opens it. A girl enters carrying two cocoanut halves with which she has been making clip clop sounds. She is tall, angular, sensual, with a mane of lustrous dark hair, short leather skirt, sensational legs, etc etc. Particularly etc etc.)

Girl: (In Cockney accent.) Is this Baker Street? I'm lookin for a loaf of bread.

Holmes: (Fascinated) Are you from... Germany?

Girl: No... Luton airport.

Watson: Astonishing Holmes. Wrong on every count.

Holmes: F*** up Watson.


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