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Friday, June 01, 2012

there's something about vladdie

Vladimir Putin has:
1. Assassinated the Polish President along with a hundred leading Polish politicians in a faked air crash.
2. Inserted a Russian puppet as Polish President in a gerrymandered election.
3. Attempted to poison a Ukrainian President.
4. Installed a Russian puppet as President of Ukraine through a gerrymandered election.
5. Used his agents in his puppet Ukrainian government to imprison the rightful President of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko on trumped up corruption charges. The corruption charges against Yulia Timoshenko are particularly ridiculous and invidious as they accuse her of engaging in too close a relationship with Russia while Ukrainian Prime Minister.
The world is asking Vladimir Putin to help in resolving the campaign of exterminatino being waged in Syria by Vladimir Putin's murderous ally Syrian President Bashar Assad.
You should know gentle readers that the Syrians are genuinely attempting to reject Assad's murderocracy.
Their revolution is genuine.
You should also know that my analysis is that Al Qaeda is trying to take over the Syrian revolution.
And you should know that Al Qaeda was Assad's ally during the War On Terror when Assad permitted Al Qaeda to use Syria as a staging ground for attacks on Americans in Iraq.
Vladimir Putin is not going to help us in Syria or anywhere else.


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