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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

shout at the devil

1. A padre called Brendan Hoban has lifted some talking points from the Heelers Diaries and published them on the website of a left wing organisation which he founded called the Association of Catholic Priests.
Brendan Hoban pretends in his latest statements to be applauding nuns who have defied attempts by polticians to extort more damages from them for supposed victims of abuse who supposedly suffered in their care.
Can you see the irony here?
Brendan Hoban and the media priests who established the Association of Catholic Priests, have been directly complicit with their media allies in fostering the notion of an assumption of guilt for any Catholic accused of child abuse.
Now as part of a recruitment drive for their memberless left wing organisation, Hoban and Co are seeking to reinvent themselves as opponents of the media Kulturkampf against the Catholic Church.
I counsel you not to be too impressed by Brendan Hoban or his ilk when they lift ideas and perspectives from this website in order to pretend to speak in defence of priests and nuns wrongly accused of abuse.
Their motives are not of the best.

2. The Irish Times claims Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is to be promoted to a job in Rome in recognition of his capable handling of child abuse issues. Well they would say that, wouldn't they! They love a bit of Archie, they do! Here is the news. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is being transferred to Rome because, excluding the usual coteries of intellectually lazy conformist clypes, no believing Christian, no nun, no priest, no Bishop, no Cardinal, in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland, would piss on him if he was on fire. The smart ones wouldn't turn their backs on him either.

3. Prime Minister Enda Kenny's Summer of Murders rolls on relentlessly. The legalisation of abortion has segued seamlessly into an explosion of mayhem in society at large. We've seen a body pulled out of a dumpster. We've had yet another gangland assassination in Dublin. We've had three thugs hijacking a taxi from a Nigerian driver at knifepoint and then crashing the taxi, and killing two of themselves. Independent Newspapers, then featured interviews with relatives of the dead thug scum talking about what cheeky chappies they were. You couldn't make it up. Another group of hoodlums beat a Muslim Pakistani taxi driver to within an inch of his life. I am no friend to Muslim Pakistani taxi drivers, since my information is that a substantial number of them are a part of the Al Qaeda Black Jacket gangster franchise, but I still hold that the law has some role to play in allowing people to go about their legal business and work for a living without the threat of having your skull fractured by some low rent scruff who's never done a day's work in his life.

4. The Irish Times, reported with an apparently straight face the above mentioned Father Brendan Hoban's late discovery of the Kultukampf against innocent priests and nuns. The article covering Father Hoban's epiphany was remarkable in representing the first ever article by religious affairs correspondent Patsy McGarry which carried no sly innuendos undermining the interviewee in the article who was supposedly speaking in defence of the church. The Irish Times is getting cleverer. In the past McGarry would lace any supposed defence of the Church with a passle of overweening sneers from sundry sources reminding his compliant readers of just how vile Patsy McGarry considers the Catholic Church to be. Today, nothing. Today Brendan Hoban's words were allowed to stand on their own merit without comment. Here's larks. For today, the sneers were featured a page or two further on, in a separate stand alone article by something called Heather Laskie. The Irish Times permitted Heather Laskie to heap all the innuendos on Brendan Hoban that atheistic Marxian Patsy McGarry omitted to include in his article. Heather Laskie's centrepiece was a crass attempt to implicate nuns in the disappearance of an unnamed schoolgirl. There was also a reference to what Heather Laskie claimed was the unexplained deaths of thirty children in a fire. Again Heather Laskie sought to imply that the nuns were somehow responsible for the deaths of thirty children in a fire. Heather Laskie justified her lifelong bigot war against the Catholic Church with the claim that her husband, a psychiatrist, had once seen one of his patients collapse into tears of terror when a nun entered the room. Hmmm. We'd need a little cross examination on this one to even begin to satisfy the basic journalistic requirements of truth and fairness. Questions: Was Heather Laskie's husband's patient someone who regularly collapsed in tears when people in uniforms entered her ken? Did the collapse happen at all? Are Heather Laskie and her psychiatrist husband a pair of atheistic Marxian bigots? Why on earth has the Irish Times, while posing as an advocate for sex abuse victims, failed to give any follow up reportage on the lack of police action regarding the child rapes carried out by an Irish Times journalist in the Dublin area? The enigmas endure. Heather Laskie must answer to her own conscience for her incitement to hatred masquerading as journalism. And all this rehashed Irish Times innuendo against the Church served solely to contextualise the faux restraint of atheistic Marxian Patsy McGarry in uncritically presenting Brendan Hoban's plagiarism of the Heelers Diaries. Sigh.


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