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Monday, August 26, 2013


Intelligence  Briefing.
Attention: President Barack Obama.
Eyes Only.
Copy: Prime Minister David Cameron.

1. The rebellion in Syria is legitimate.

2. The rebellion in Syria has been hijacked by Al Qaeda.

3. The Assad Family have run Syria as an Islamist Stalinist State for fifty years.

4. During my childhood Hafez Al Assad the father of the present President of Syria Bashar Assad, bombed the country into quiescence with the assistance and connivance of the then Communist government of Russia.

5. The current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is in my view, a resovietising psychopath who has been responsible for the murder of the President of Poland, the unlawful incarceration of Julia Timoshenko who is the rightful President of Ukraine, the installation of Russian puppets as Presidents in both Ukraine and Poland, and the invasion of the republic of Georgia in the southern caucusus and the installation of a puppet Russian as President there. President Putin has also been directly responsible for assassinations and attempted assassinations of persons he deems a threat to himself in London and in a host of other countries.

6. The current President of Russia has been backing Bashar Assad and his government. President Putin seems unwilling to countenance any loss of power for the Assads.

7. I believe President Putin is married to the Assads because for more than ten years rump communists in Russia including President Putin have conspired with President Assad to destabilise and sabotage the American liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein's murderocracy.

8. I believe President Putin is willing to wage war to defend Syria as a Russian vassal State.

9. If we back the rebels in Syria now, we are backing Al Qaeda which has as noted above, hijacked a legitimate rebellion.

10. Since the American liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein's Murderocracy, Al Qaeda has been present in Syria as President Bashar Assad's guests. President Assad was allowing Al Qaeda to use Syria as a base for attacks against the Americans and Free Iraqi government forces in Iraq. Al Qaeda was being assisted in Syria by reconstructed rump KGB elements with President Vladimir Putin's unofficial authorisation. There is substantial evidence in my view that the Russians helped Saddam Hussein move substantial quantities of chemical weapons into Syria. This is why both Al Qaeda and the Syrian government now possess substantial quantities of chemical weapons. I am convinced that President Putin and his rump KGB in their adventuristic opportunism, do not truly represent the will of the Russian people.

11. It is ironic that Al Qaeda has turned on Bashar Assad's government in an attempt to steal a country that formerly gave it shelter. But irony won't save us here.

12. Al Qaeda is well capable of releasing chemical weapons on Syrian civilians and combatants, merely to provoke a Western intervention.

13. If we defeat Bashar Al Assad, and hand Syria to the rebels, we are handing Syria to Al Qaeda.

14. If we intervene in Syria we risk a World War with Russia.

15. I wouldn't do it, Barack.


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