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Friday, April 19, 2013

the results of my enquiry into the death of savita halapanavar

Savita died because of the criminal negligence of the midwife and doctor dealing with her case.
Both the midwife and doctor have attempted to blame their criminal neglect of Savita on the Catholic Church.
On the night she died, Savita was left in a freezing room with no heating.
She was not checked on frequently in accordance with hospital procedures and the requirements of basic humanity.
The midwife at one point snapped at Savita who was dying before her eyes: "You can't have an abortion. It's a Catholic thing."
The supervising doctor also used a similar phrase to Savita while Savita was in agony.
Neither the midwife nor the doctor are believing Catholics. Both favour the introduction of abortion into this country. Both were playing games with a woman in agony. Both have sought to hide behind the anti Catholic tenor of public discourse in Ireland today.
Both altered their medical notes in a criminal manner after Savita died.
The actions of the midwife and the doctor should result in the prosecution of both for (at the very least) the crime of causing death by criminal negligence.
At worst it was murder.
Savita's husband Praveen has allowed abortion activists to use his wife's death to discredit the Catholic Church and to push forward an abortion legalisation campaign in Ireland.
This is not to his credit.
His refusal to answer questions at various public enquiries and in the first few weeks after he allowed news of her death to be leaked to pro abortion campaigners prior to its release to the general public, is a disgrace to him and to his wife's memory.
The State funded television channel RTE, along with the bankrupt leftist publication styled The Irish Times, and the bankrupt gangster owned newspaper group styled Independent Newspapers, have used Savita's death to further their own anti Catholic kulturkampf.
I would ask my readers to note, that this evening, on the day that two Chechen Al Qaeda murderers were being hunted across Boston, RTE led its main news programme with the results of the coroner's enquiry into Savita's death.
(cf: On Nine Eleven, RTE interrupted its radio arts programme The Rattle Bag, to announce the terror attacks on New York, and THEN RETURNED TO THE RATTLE BAG without further reference to the outbreak of World War Three.)
You see where their priorities lie.
You could not make this up.
Any Irish citizen who continues to finance RTE through the government's compulsorily imposed annual licence fee, is betraying our country and our faith.
You are financing the hand that strikes us.
Get rid of your TV's.
And start to live again.
Then lets set up a new political party and elect a government that doesn't impose a compulsory licence fee to finance Bolshevick television stations waging perpetual culture wars against the Christian values.


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