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Friday, April 19, 2013


Stuck in traffic on Kilcullen Main Street.
A voice hails me.
I turn and see Ron Baines, headmaster of a secondary school in the West of Ireland, waving frantically and calling my name from the footpath.
"James, James. You were wrong. You said Muslims bombed Boston. It's not Muslims. It's Chechens."
I sigh deeply.
"The Chechens are Muslims Ron. They've been handling the Russian front in Al Qaeda's worldwide Muslim Jihad terror war. Since Nine Eleven, Chechens have bombed passengers jets across Russia. They've blown up the Moscow Saint Petersburg Express train. They've blown up apartment buildings in Moscow. They've murdered theatre goers in Moscow. They've murdered 200 children at a school in Beslan. They've also played a constant part in the Jihad war on all other Al Qaeda fronts around the world. They've shown up wherever Muslims are murdering other human beings. The Chechens are Al Qaeda nothing more, nothing less, although you can expect CNN, Sky News et al to act very confused on that point."
"I'm sorry James."
"That's alright Ron. We're all playing catch up in this one."
The traffic was moving again so I drove on.


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