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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the nature of the beast

Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny, a weak vacuous vacant venal hairstyle of a man, spoke out in parliament in impassioned terms this week about the bankers who have impoverished Ireland.
At the same time as Enda Kenny tried to cover his own ass with this latest bout of parliamentary showboating, the Independent Newspaper group published scathing commentaries about those same bankers along with tape recordings of the bankers plotting to impoverish the citizenry.
Enda Kenny and Independent Newspapers in bed together.
And justice for all, eh!
Hey lads.
You're arriving a little late at this party.
Some thoughts occur.
Let us briefly consider the posturings of Enda Kenny.
When Enda Kenny speaks out in impassioned terms against bankers, he seeks to imply that the bankers' criminality was sanctioned, and the nation impoverished, solely by the previous squalidly corrupt Fianna Fail government and not by his own present day equally squalidly corrupt Fine Gael Labour Party administration.
But remember, it is Enda Kenny himself who has used tens of billions of dollars in money borrowed against the Irish citizenry, ie our money, to purchase every worthless bankrupt corrupt gangster bank in the State.
Remember it is Enda Kenny who has signed us up to covering the losses of ten worthless gangster banks, including Allied Irish Bank, Trustee Savings Bank, et al. (Particularly Al. I hate him.)
It is Enda Kenny who has permitted Richie Boucher as Managing Director of Bank Of Ireland to pay himself an annual salary of two million quid while Bank Of Ireland runs up annual losses of two thousand million quid.
Hoo baby.
You gotta wonder what Enda Kenny would force us to pay Richie Boucher if Bank Of Ireland actually made a profit.
It is Enda Kenny who has refused to take legal action on foot of a Judicial Enquiry which showed that the owner of Independent Newspapers Denis O'Brien had founded his billion dollar fortune on mobile phone licences which he obtained by bribing famously squalidly corrupt Fine Gael Communications Minister Michael Lowry.
And it is Enda Kenny who has stood back while bankrupt banks he has purchased using our money, write off billion dollar debts owed to them by Independent Newspapers.
Wheels within wheels.
Enda Kenny and Independent Newspapers are next month going to legalise abortion in Ireland.
Here is the news.
Enda Kenny and Independent Newspapers are worse than the worst gangster bankers Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm, Michael Fingleton, Gillian Bowler and their IRA accomplices Sean Quinn, Sean Quinn's odious rackateering sons Peter and Sean, the Quinns' rancid wives, mistresses and cats Tiddles, and the Quinns' murderous drug dealing people trafficking Russian gangster accomplices, all of whom colluded to help Sean Fitzpatrick rob his own bank simply by giving each other multi billion dollar loans which the IRA and the Russians then laundered overseas, while the Quinns, Drumms, Fingletons, et al declared inability to repay and our famously corrupt political Parties, including Enda Kenny's Fine Gael Labour combo, generously signed us all up to meeting the tab.
These scum threaten our lives and our freedoms and the very existence of our nation, not just our financial well being.
And I'm telling you that Enda Kenny and Independent Newspapers are worse than any of them for championing the killing of unborn babies.


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