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Monday, July 29, 2013

legalisation of murder out takes

Kilcullen prayer group.
Me giving a talk.
All drama and passion.
I'm hamming it up in the key of life.
The ghosts of Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole, and Johnny Gielgud are nodding and smiling on the sidelines.
For the big finish, I put my arm around an African girl sitting beside me.
"Enda Kenny," I roar, "can you hear me?"
Pause for dramatic effect.
"You will hear me."
Another pause.
"WE... ARE... THE... IRISH."
Not bad eh?
Ah bold readers, I'm a legend in my own prayer time.
The meeting began to break up.
There were a few misty eyed approaches from various attendees.
"Oh James you're so wonderful."
"Oh James that was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard."
"Oh James, take me, take me now."
You know the sort of thing.
The usual.
Some of these nuns can get a bit demonstrative.
Eventually the crowd had scattered and I was all but alone.
A gent with a chrome dome whom I'd never seen at a prayer meeting before, was the last to leave.
"James," he said, "I'm Harvey Bennet. Good to meet you. Yeah. Yeah. I quite liked what you were saying. I liked it until you brought in the politics."
I allowed a mellow smile to transfix my gentle pre-Raphaelite features.
"Ah Harve," I said without rancour, "you didn't really mind the politics. You just minded that I wasn't speaking your poltics. If I'd been in favour of abortion, you'd have been chanting: Yay James, bring on the politics, more poltics, love dem politics."
"No," he said. "No, that's not my point. You just shouldn't bring your politics to a prayer group."
His words sounded very much like they'd been taken from the Fine Gael Labour Party Sinn Fein Fianna Fail abortionist crib sheet.
I still smiled.
"Harve why are you here?"
"Well, I, er, I, er, I came to check things out."
"Do you believe in Jesus?"
"Eh, er, yes, yes I do."
"You see Harve, it's been my experience that people who believe in Jesus, I don't mean people who believe in Jesus as a nice motivator for community organisations, I mean people who believe in him as God Harve, it's been my experience Harve, that people who really believe in Jesus tend to get a bit hung up on the sanctity of life."
He digested this.
"I just think," he said, "that you're driving people away. We want to bring people into the church, don't we?"
"Ah the Church has always led the people Harve. The church led through the dark ages, the rise of the colonialists, the Muslim conquests, the communist era, and the Nazi era. And now it must lead the people through the era of atheistic abortionists Harve. It's not going to lead by telling the people what you say they want to hear. It's going to lead as it has always done, by proclaiming the gospel."
"But democracy James. Separation of church and State."
More Fine Gael talking points.
Velly interesting.
"There is no democracy without the Christian faith Harve. Our democracy and our freedoms are all founded on the Christianity. Have a look around the world and see can you find any countries with any semblance of democracy in parts of the world that have not been blessed for centuries with the long presence of believing Christians. I'll be very interested to hear the examples you can offer me. The Church has always led the people Harve. Not by asking them if they'd like to do away with the Ten Commandments. But by telling them what those Commandments are. Saint Patrick didn't say to the pagan Irish: Okay, since you're all into ritual sacrifice of your children, I suppose the modern listening church can accommodate you. Nor did Moses say to the Israelites: Oh right, you want to worship golden calves, okay, we'll include golden calf worship in the faith and we won't mention these ten Commandments which I've just brought down from Mount Sinai, because, er they are a bit political now that I think of it. I mean who is God to tell us what to do! Moses didn't say that Harve. That's Fine Gaelerism."
"We're a secular democracy James. You're driving people away. When you're finished the churches will be empty."
"Not as empty as the political parties or as readerless as the anti Catholic newspapers. Strange isn't it! And look at the churches which have tried to molly coddle the people by compromising the truth. The Protestant Churches of Ireland and Britain are empty. Only in America where the Protestants really believe in God and have taught us all how to stand up for the sanctity of life, only there are the Protestant Churches full. You're giving the people a golden calf Harve. And the people never asked for it. The Irish people didn't demand abortion. If we had, you could have let us vote on it. There was no vote because you knew we didn't want it. You're making the people into their own golden calf. You're telling them they can worship themselves instead of worshipping God."
"I haven't told  you my opinions about these things James. I'm not a politician."
"So you say."
"You're using the church to promote your own values James."
"Really Harve. Thou shalt not kill, is one of mine is it? And much too political eh. I suppose we'll have to drop any of the other Commandments that have a potential political application as well. Thou Shalt Not Steal is definitely a goner. It's too political, isn't it, since Fine Gael and the other Parties have been robbing all of us blind to cover up the burglarisation of Irish banks by their own managments. Honour Thy Father And Thy Mother, is a bit political since the present generation have started turfing their parents into old folks homes. So that one's gone. Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness. That's a bit political since all the politicians seem to reserve the right to lie through their teeth about everything. What was it Enda Kenny said about abortion? Oh yes. He promised NOT to legalise it. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbours Goods. That one's clearly past its sell be date since the liberal judges appointed by our political parties insist on handing out pattycake sentences to house breakers and their pals the cajackers, rapists, drug dealers, fraudsters, murderers and grievous bodily harmers. Why Harve. It's starting to look like we shall have no law whatsoever because all of the Christian Law is too just too darned political. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery, well, that one's gone already isn't it, since you guys facilitated fornication culture with condoms, abortion pills, and permissive divorce legislation. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery is even more political than the others because actually lots of politicians like committing adultery. Or trading in their wives when they reach forty for a newer model. Lovely lovely people. Remember That Thou Shalt Always Keep Holy The Sabbath Day. You did away with that one to facilitate a few godless supermarkets with Sunday trading. Oh you've been having a whale of a time Harve. But you're not Christians. And you shouldn't pretend to be. And your dechristianisation of politics and public life is turning Ireland into a charnel house ruled by Mafiosi thugs. And though you've dechristianised politics and public life, you will not dechristianise the Christian faith. What was the First Commandment again? I Am The Lord Thy God, Thou Shalt Not Have False Gods Before Me. Way too political. You are forcing Irish people to worship Fine Gael, Karl Marx, and fornication. No room for God. He's too political. How long do you think the God you don't believe in will put up with this! The Church, the ancient, beautiful and true Catholic Church, was the only thing which might have saved us."
Harvey Bennet took a deep breath.
"The Church made some mistakes too, didn't it James?" he said with deep significance.
"What do you mean Harve?"
He spread his hands wide.
"No, no, no, I'm not going into any of that. I'm not going to go there."
"The problem Harve is that so many people think a sly reference to sex abuse trumps any argument. They think this in an age when liberal atheistic abortionists in parliament, the media and the Judiciary, have massively concealed the wave of sex abuse engulfing our culture while using the tiny minority of cases that arise in the Church to justify their bigoted culture war against the Christian faith."
"Well James. You'll never see me again."
He was heading towards the door at ninety miles an hour.
I said: "God bless you Harve."
He gave a little backwards wave, dismissive of my blessing, and was gone.


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