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Sunday, May 25, 2014

independent newspapers bawls drop

An article in the bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Independent newspaper reported this evening that one Tony O'Reilly was being pursued by one Allied Irish Bank for one sum of Fifty Million Dollars.
The article was a little bit coy.
One has to read between one's lines does one.
For Tony O'Reilly is one of three billionaire playboy owners of the bankrupt Independent Newspapers group and another of the group's billionaire owners is at war with him. The real purpose of the publication of this story in an Independent Newspapers title today is to flag that Tony is no longer in control and that Billionaire Number Two Denis O'Brien now holds the reins.
Today's story is also a little bit coy in not mentioning that while Tony O'Reilly owes Allied Irish Bank a personal debt estimated at fifty million dollars, Independent Newspapers itself up until a mysterious debt cancellation five minutes ago owed Allied Irish Bank a debt in the region of one billion dollars.
That's some chump change being lent to billionaire scruff who never did a day's work in their lives.
Thankfully corrupt Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Fine Gael and his heroic working class allies in the Labour Party have helped out Independent Newspapers by cancelling their debts to worthless banks which the government has just nationalised on our behalf and with our money.
We couldn't have billionaire Tony O'Reilly or billionaire Denis O'Brien paying the debts run up by their own newspaper group now could we.
I normally refer to Denis O'Brien as a mobile phone thief.
Denis O'Brien made his billion by the simple expedient of paying corrupt Fine Gael government Minister Michael Lowry a bribe of a few hundred thousand pounds in return for which Michael Lowry presented Denis O'Brien with a billion dollars worth of mobile phone service supply contracts for the Republic of Ireland at the bargain basement price of a couple of million dollars.
Hilarious no.
Denis O'Brien's bribery of Lowry and his theft of a billion dollars from the Irish people has been confirmed by a Judicial Enquiry.
I am suggesting that Denis O'Brien remains free because he owns the present Fine Gael government led by corrupt Prime Minister Enda Kenny. You will notice that he has published a flattering photograph of Enda Kenny every day in the Irish Independent for the past two years. Enda Kenny has no intention of biting the teshticle that feeds him.
Let's recap a little, I'm starting to froth at the mouth.
Enda Kenny has just nationalised the banks to which Independent Newspapers (Billionaire Denis and Billionaire Tony's company) owe a billion dollars.
Those banks have just quietly written off half a billion dollars in Independent Newspapers debt.
Another half billion has been shelved for later consideration. (ie It will be written off when no one is looking.)
None of this emerges in today's bankrupt Independent Newspapers' hatchet job attack on Tony O'Reilly one of its own corrupt billonaire proprietors, in an article that focusses solely on Tony's personal debt to Allied Irish Bank. 
Nor does another salient aspect of this unseemly, seedy, sordid menage a bollixes, emerge.
A senior board member of the bankrupt Independent Newspapers company is a member of Dublin's pseudo high society Crowley family.
A senior board member of the bankrupt Allied Irish Banks which went bankrupt lending money to Independent Newspapers, money which Independent Newspapers is refusing to repay, is another member of Dublin's pseudo high society Crowley family.
A senior board member of the bankrupt Bank Of Ireland which is supposed to compete with Allied Irish Banks and which has also received billions of dollars in public money to stop it going bust, is yet another member of Dublin's pseudo high society Crowley Family.
I'm telling ya folks.
Whatever goes bust in Ireland, everything is coming up roses for the Crowleys.
So we're all paying debts run up by Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien at Independent Newspapers through the cancellation of debt at banks purchased on our behalf by corrupt Prime Minister Enda Kenny whose former Fine Gael party colleague Michael Lowry was in the pocket of at least one of Independent Newspapers billionaire proprietors Denis O'Brien.
The money lent to both Tony O'Reilly and Independent Newspapers is tainted by the prolific presence of numerous Crowleys and their acolytes in board rooms and toilets all over Independent House, Allied Irish Bank, and Bank Of Ireland.
And billionaire Tony O'Reilly and billionaire Denis O'Brien will not pay a penny from their personal billon dollar fortunes towards the debts their company should never have been lent.
We'll all pay.
Enda Kenny bought the Crowley's Allied Irish Bank which was worth nothing because it couldn't collect its debts from Independent Newspapers, for the bargain basement fee of ten thousand million dollars.
And we'll all pay for that too.
It is nice to know that everything was above board and that no matter what happens to the rest of us, the Crowleys will still be able to afford petrol for their BMW's.
As will Enda Kenny.
Denis O'Brien too.
And Tony O'Reilly.
There is of course a third billionaire who holds a significant stake in Independent Newspaper.
His name is Denis Desmond.
But he's a quiet one and I know nothing about him.


Footnote: I'm deliberately not mentioning Tony O'Reilly's ownership of a water metre company. Corrupt Prime Minister Enda Kenny recently passed a law compelling every household in Ireland to have a water metre fitted. Was this legislation connected in any way to Tony O'Reilly's relationship with Enda Kenny's atheistic abortionist political party Fine Gael and their marxian bedmates Labour? The entire nation compelled to fit water metres merely to advantage a billionaire? Still that's socialism I suppose. Hoo baby.


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