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Monday, June 16, 2014


In an occasionally insightful article about the sentencing practices of an infamously corrupt Judge called Martin Nolan, Independent Newspapers recently referred to a Dublin businessman who several years ago was unjustly jailed by this same Judge Martin Nolan.
Over the course of their tolerably well written article, Independent Newspapers wrongly and invidiously described the businessman as having been engaged in a fruit importing scam.
(By the way the assessment of Judge Martin Nolan as infamously corrupt is mine not Independent Newspapers, as is the analysis that Judge Martin Nolan unjustly jailed the Dublin businessman referred to above.)
I rather bridled a bit when I read the inaccurate and glib Independent Newspapers account of this particular case.
It was a case I had taken an interest in when it happened.
The Dublin man they were referring to is Paul Begley.
He has never in his life been engaged in a scam.
Paul Begley, a self made man who works every hour God sends, got into a quarrel with the revenue authorities over the mislabelling of some fruit batches his company had imported. He decided to accept liability for the taxes the revenue department said he owed rather than let anyone in his company carry the can.
The authorities claimed he was labelling garlic as apples in contravention of some European Union regulation.
As a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, I reject the notion that Mr Begley broke any law.
I reject the use of European Union codicils to criminalise anyone.
I reject Independent Newspapers' reference to Mr Begley's difficulties as a "scam."
He merely, I say again, had a disagreement with the tax man and was honorably repaying everything the taxman said he owed.
Paul Begley had built up his business steadily from scratch over the last few decades, starting out wheeling a barrow around the streets of Dublin.
I'm told he has 100 employees.
He's never associated with gangland. He's never committed acts of violence against anyone. He's never dealt or used drugs or accepted the bribes of city gangsters.
He represents the best of what it is to be Irish.
Unlike Judge Martin Nolan I might add.
Paul Begley had merely, I insist, got into a quarrel with the taxman, and had opted to pay everything the taxman alleged he owed.
He has a wife and children by the way.
So corrupt Mafioso Judge Martin Nolan sentenced Paul Begley to six years in jail.
Mr Begley was released eventually after some of us shouted loud about the egregious miscarriage of justice entailed in Mafioso Judge Martin Nolan's corrupt sentencing of him.
And now Independent Newspapers in an otherwise worthy enough article, are casually deeming Mr Begley the operator of a "scam."
Well bold readers.
The little vein on my forehead is trembling.
Let me explain to Independent Newspapers what a scam is.
A scam is this.
Independent Newspapers Chairman is a member of the Crowley family.
The head of Allied Irish Banks is a member of the Crowley family.
The head of Bank of Ireland is a member of the Crowley family.
Allied Irish Banks has gone bust lending hundreds of millions of dollars to Independent Newspapers and by lending hundreds of millions of dollars in separate PERSONAL deals to the proprietor of Independent Newspapers Tony O'Reilly who is a financier of the Fine Gael political party.
Bank of Ireland through accountancy tricks has narrowly avoided bankruptcy, but has similarly lent hundreds of millions of dollars over the years both to Independent Newspapers as a company and then personally to the proprietor of Independent Newspapers Fine Gael financier Tony O'Reilly.
Both Allied Irish Banks and Bank of Ireland have also lent hundreds of millions of dollars to Independent Newspapers other two billionaire proprietors the Fine Gael financiers Denis Desmond and Dermot Desmond.
Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Fine Gael has nationalised Allied Irish Bank which is now worthless because Independent Newspapers and its billionaire proprietors are refusing to pay their debts.
Allied Irish Banks having been purchased on behalf of the nation for the bargain basement price of ten thousand million dollars (yes that's ten thousand million for something worth nothing) has now announced the cancellation of Independent Newspapers debts.
It's good to be a Crowley.
This gentle travellers of the internet is a scam.
Here's another.
After much heel dragging and deliberate obfuscation, Ireland's corrupt law enforcement authorities recently reluctantly brought charges against three corrupt bankers from Anglo Irish Bank.
The bankers had been systematically burglarising their own bank by awarding billion dollar loans to their corrupt IRA accomplices posing as businessmen. The billions they stole has since been laundered through the Russian mafia and other criminal combines.
The collapse of Anglo Irish Bank on foot of this systematic burglarisation of itself by its own staff was the single biggest banking collapse worldwide.
Anglo Irish Bank was more corrupt even than the largest and most corrupt American bank Citibank.
It was the most corrupt bank on the planet earth.
When Anglo Irish Bank collapsed a corrupt Irish government Finance Minister called Brian Lenihan, who was a member of the Fianna Fail political party, looted the treasury to cover up Anglo Irish Bank's burglarisation of itself.
Many of the co conspirators in Anglo Irish Bank's burglarisation of itself were Fianna Fail financiers.
Brian Lenihan put Ireland into the third world overnight in order to pay the losses incurred by the IRA and Russian mafia and other criminal combinations operating in concert with the executive staff of Anglo Irish Bank to burglarise their own bank.
Brian Lenihan has since conveniently died of cancer.
I believe he may have been murdered by his mafia masters.
Fianna Fail and their successors in Ireland's present kleptocratic Fine Gael Labour government, have impoverished us all to succour the IRA and the Russian mafia.
And when three of the bankers from Anglo Irish Bank were finally brought to trial, who was put in charge of proceedings?
Judge Martin Nolan.
Well as long as it's fair...
There's justice we can all believe in.
Putting a member of the mafia in judgement on the mafia.
Ho hum.
And what sentence did Judge Martin Nolan give to the men who to all intents and purposes have burglarised every house in the nation every day for the next hundred years?
Judge Martin Nolan found the ringleader innocent.
And the two he found guilty, he sentenced to a grand total of nought years in jail.
Now that's a rare ould scam indeed.
The irony is screaming.


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