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Sunday, June 15, 2014

the abominable doctor phibes i mean the abominable enda kenny independent newspapers et al particularly al i hate him

Dipping into the Irish Independent newspaper this week I have been a trifle astounded by the sheer amoral chutzpah with which that bankrupt organ propagates lies in pursuit of its culture war against the Christian faith.
I would ask all my Jihadi, drug dealing, people trafficking and devil worshipping readers to bear with me on this one as it is a personal hobby horse of mine and may lack the usual oomph you scum of the earth have come to expect from my writings.
Forgive me y'all.
I'll get back to you later.
Now let me ramble on.
A few days ago the Irish Independent newspaper quoted Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny of the Fine Gael political party, as saying that the treatment of women and children in a care facility run by nuns in the 1920's had been an abomination.
Enda Kenny was responding to false reports carried two weeks ago by the Daily Mail and republished without correction by the Irish Independent, Irish Times and the broadcaster RTE, that 800 children were buried in a sewerage tank at a particular home.
The reports he was responding to were already known to be utterly without truth.
No children were buried in a sewerage tank.
There's no evidence that children were murdered in the home.
And 800 children are not buried in the communal grave at the location.
Yet Enda Kenny speaks in the Irish Independent of "abominations."
Let me explain to him what an abomination is.
An abomination is when Enda Kenny promises not to legalise abortion and then legalises abortion.
An abomination is when Enda Kenny fails to prevent Irish pharmacies illegally distributing abortion pills over the counter to children.
And an abomination is when Enda Kenny uses public money to buy a bank that went bankrupt lending money to Independent Newspapers and then allows that bank to cancel a billion dollars of Independent Newspapers debt while Enda Kenny also refuses to instigate any legal action whatsoever against Independent Newspapers corrupt proprietor Denis O'Brien who happens to have been found guilty by a Judicial Enquiry no less of bribing a Fine Gael government minister to give him mobile phone service provision contracts worth billions of dollars and who also happens to be a financier of the Fine Gael political party, along with Independent Newspapers other two billionaire proprietors Denis Desmond and Tony O'Reilly, all this while the bankrupt billion dollar loss making anti Catholic Irish Independent continues to publish Enda Kenny's photo every day complete with lavish articles about how tough he is, and with the ongoing expectation that Enda Kenny will continue to force the Irish people to pay the billion dollar bank debts of a bankrupt newspaper group owned by billionaires.
These people are starting to annoy me.
Folks I genuinely think these things genuinely are genuine abominations.
These are bad people and they are not going to stop unless we stop them.
And unlike the 800 children the Daily Mail falsely claimed were murdered by nuns, these abominations involving Enda Kenny, Denis O'Brien and Independent Newspapers actually happened.
And are happening now.
There are a few more abominations worthy of mention currently unfolding in Ireland and in the pages of the bankrupt anti Catholic Irish Independent newspaper.
A corrupt Chief of Police called Martin Callinan and a corrupt Fine Gael Minister of Justice called Alan Shatter have both been forced to resign.
Their resignations followed the revelation that staff at an organisation set up to monitor and prosecute police corruption in Ireland, believed someone had been bugging their offices.
In my view (and the view of everybody f--king else) the prime suspects for this bugging would have been the police themselves.
A supposed public enquiry appointed by Fine Gael and consisting solely of the vapid dishonourable obstructionist ruminations of a retired Judge called John Cooke has now declared in contravention of reality that the oversight organisation has not been spied on, that the police are not suspects for spying on it, and that the oversight organisation itself acted improperly in trying to find out who was bugging its offices in the first place.
Hoo baby.
John Cooke's findings are in my view an abomination, that is to say, a direct vitiation of the truth deliberately intended to pervert the course of justice.
Independent Newspaper's reportage of the situation on its cover today carried the headline: "How false trail was laid to expose non existant surveillance..."
The Independent was implying improper behaviour on the part of the oversight organisation which the cops were spying on.
I kid you not.
This headline and the articles with it, were also an abomination.
By which I mean utterly and deliberately false, and utterly and deliberately intended to pervert the course of justice.
Here is the news.
The cops were spying on the people we appoint to keep an eye on the cops.
Enda Kenny of Fine Gael, Judge John Cooke, along with the congenitally comically cosmically corrupt Irish police force, and the proprietors, writers and editors of Independent Newspapers themselves, have all colluded to conceal that fact.
This alliance of morally depraved individuals and organisations really is an abomination.
This is the sort of abomination that ends hundred year old democracies.
That is all


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