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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

the last hurRAH

In Ireland Judge Seamus O'Donabhain has given a suspended jail sentence to five fraudsters who attempted to steal a couple of million dollars from a bank through fake property transactions.
That is to say Judge Seamus O'Donabhain sentenced them to a grand total of nought years in prison.
The Irish police had actually gone to the trouble of getting the five fraudsters into court (a few more didn't show up and a few others are awaiting trial in the same case) and Judge Liberal let em off.
I don't care what mafia Seamus O'Donobhain is in.
I don't cafe if he's a Rah man.
I don't care if he's Al Qaeda.
I don't care if he's something else that takes money from fraudsters in order to turn them loose.
I want him gone.
As a citizen I want him disbarred from being a Judge and from collecting those million dollar pensions bankrupt Ireland lavishes on her Judges.
If enough of you agree with me, we can make it happen.


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