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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

memo to the cartoonists of ireland

Here is the news.
Muslim Jihadis didn't murder those people in Paris for drawing or owning pens.
Muslim Jihadis murdered those people in Paris because they drew pictures of a man with a beard and allowed the inference to be drawn that their pictures represented the Prophet Muhammed.
So there's no point in any of you drawing pens.
Pens are not what this is about.
You're not expressing solidarity with those who defied the Muslim Jihadis when you draw a pen.
You're not showing courage in the face of Muslim terrorism when you draw a pen.
You're not doing anything when you draw a pen except betraying the memory of those who were murdered this week by Muslim terrorists.
You draw the man with the beard and allow the inference to be drawn about his name or you do nothing.
And the bloke in the Irish Independent isn't even that good at drawing pens.


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