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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

could i have been right in asserting that the collapse of anglo irish bank was an ira terrorist mafia smash and grab on the nation

This week Judge Erwin Liberal at the Dublin Circuit Court of mafia trials attempted to swear in a jury to consider the case against three comparatively low level conspirators from management at Anglo Irish Bank who had played an as yet undetermined part in the IRA smash and grab on the nation which was the Anglo Irish Bank collapse.
(The smash and grab being that IRA members and their accomplices on the Board and in management at Anglo Irish Bank gave billion dollar loans to themselves and to IRA proxies running shell companies as a cover to systematically burglarise the bank through the pocketing of these astronomical loans none of them intended to repay. The money was laundered overseas by Eastern European mobsters and others.)
By the way, Judge Liberal's current non trial should not be confused with Judge Liberal's non trial last month of hugely high level IRA co conspirator Sean Fitzpatrick the former chief executive at Anglo Irish Bank who has prevented his own trial thus far by having vital parties to the trial phone in sick.
I kid you not.
Well I suppose we can all accept the legitimacy of that.
Being in a murder gang is a kind of sickness.
Now let me speak precisely for a moment without hyperbole or strangely evocative witticisms that say far more than they mean too.
In this week's non trial of the relatively low level IRA operatives from Anglo Irish Bank's management, Judge Liberal (not his professional name) received refusals from fully 44 ordinary people, that's 44 decent individuals, 44 genuine human beings, 44 honorable citizens of Ireland, (I'm serious) who refused under any circumstances to serve on this particular jury.
Their explanation?
When challenged regarding their refusal to accept jury duty, the 44 brave and noble and okay curiously cowed citizens  of Ireland, looked at their shoes and then somewhat hesitantly expressed a willingness to tell Judge Liberal their reasons for refusing to serve on his jury but only in private.
That's right.
The 44 of them insisted on privacy merely to state why they mightn't want to be involved with anything to do with a trial of the accomplices and associates of IRA super thieves from Anglo Irish Bank.
I rest my case.


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