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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

ireland's new national anthem

(To be sung at the opening of parliament by Prime Minister Enda Kenny with full ensemble of government henchmen, mobsters and corrupt cops.)

Nothing more than feelings
Trying to forget you
But feelings are my life
Abortion pills
Nothing more than abortion pills
Available to children
In Ireland's pharmacies
To take their babies life
Surgical abortions
Nothing more than surgical abortions
Available to everyone
Except the unborn
Who tend to be on the receiving end
Know what I mean guv
Yes nothing more than surgical abortions
Legalised by Fine Gael
After an explicit pre election promise not to legalise abortion at all
Denis O'Brien
Nothing more than Denis O'Brien
Trying to silence parliament through the courts
And ruling from the shadows
The cancellation of Independent Newspapers billion dollar bank debt
Nothing more than the cancellation of Independent Newspapers billion dollar bank debt
Now the people must pay that debt
Since Independent Newspapers is also owned by Denis O'Brien
And he doesn't feel like repaying the money that he owes
As he needs the money to bribe the Clintons
For mobile phone services provision contracts
In Haiti
Just like he bribed Fine Gael government Minister Michael Lowry
For mobile phone services provision contracts
in Ireland
I kid you not
And the banks that went bust lending money to Denis O'Brien
Are being bailed out with public money
Woo ho ho feelings
Feelings hurt a lot
IRA men
Nothing more than IRA men
Taking over every town and village in Ireland
Dealing drugs into every school
And dividing the country into personal fiefdoms
With Chinese Triads, Al Qaeda, Nigerian Gangstahs, Cosa Nostra and the Russian mob
While a corrupt wimminy police chief witters: "I'm not sure if the IRA still exists"
Hoo baby
Little crocodile teardrops
Which we cry for the 600 dead drug addicts in Ireland every year
The 600 who die after a lifetime sleeping on the streets
The 600 who die
Because the Rah men hooked  them on poison in their childhood
The 600 who die
To keep the Rah men, mobsters, corrupt cops and people traffickers
In the style to which they have become accustomed
In big houses and plush cars
Yes teardrops
Nothing more than teardrops
Teardrops for the thousand suicide victims every year
Driven to death by tinker gangs rampaging in our towns
While our cops hound and imprison the general public
For non payment of parking fines and dog licences
It's easier than fighting crime
Nothing more than easier than fighting crime
Trying to forget the calamitous mess we've made of Ireland
Let's distract everyone by holding a referendum on Same Sex Marriage
At the behest of billionaire IRA supporter Chuck Feeney
Oh feelings
Nothing more than feelings
I'm so in touch with my feelings
I feel like distracting the nation
From the destruction we have wrought on it
Feelings oh feelings
The truth is
I Enda Kenny have no feelings
At all
Unless Independent Newspapers, the Irish Times and the broadcaster RTE
Tell me what to feel
Feelings blah blah blah blah blah
Feelings Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah

(repeat and fade out to sound of gunfire and a strange but insistent slow growing background chant of "Allah U Akbar.")


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