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Thursday, September 17, 2015

the greatness of donald trump

Donald Trump has just stated during a live television debate that he believes vaccines given to children in infancy are causing autism.
I think Mr Trump is correct on this matter and I was astonished that he was so well informed and so principled in his statements about it.
I would suggest that what passes for our international medico academic community has behaved with gross dishonour in its previous and ongoing attempts to marginalise and discredit investigators who  have pointed to data indicating that Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccines are causing autism.
I believe the medical community have made a faustian pact with big pharmaceutical companies and with political pseudo elites in may countries to promote vaccination programmes for children while knowing full well that a number of children so vaccinated will become autistic by reason of the vaccination process itself.
I believe doctors and medical professionals and their supervisory organisations have decided unofficially that more children will be saved by the vaccines than will become autistic, and that the ongoing implementation of international vaccination programmes outweighs the interests of those children who will be permanently damaged by them.
I do not think parents would appreciate being advised to vaccinate children who have no illness to prevent an illness the child may never get, with the proviso that the vaccination while supposedly preventing such an illness will in some cases render healthy children autistic.
So the advice is not given.
The truth is not told.
The vaccination programmes continue.
Children become autistic after receiving the doses.
A growing number of parents struggle to warn the public that they have seen autism develop immediately after vaccinations.
The evidence of those parents is continually suppressed.
A terrible wrong doing is perpetrated.
Lemme tell ya.
Donald Trump's insights on the matter show wisdom, discernment, compassion, and courage.
There is a lot more to Donald Trump than entertainment and showmanship.


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