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Thursday, September 24, 2015

today they said

Ben Carson (putative Republican Party American Presidential candidate): "... I believe Sharia Law is incompatible with The Constitution... I would not advocate having a Muslim as President."

Lindsay Graham (putative Republican Party American Presidential candidate): "Ben Carson should apologise."

Charles Krauthammer (Fox News Commentator): "It was a novice's mistake."

James Healy: "Ben Carson's refreshingly sincere, courageous and insightful comment is not a novice's mistake and he certainly should not apologise for it. Ben Carson's analysis re Islam is in fact overwhelmingly borne out by decades of contemporary comments from Islamic scholars themselves, among them university professors and supposedly moderate Muslims across the planet earth. These Muslims have openly insisted in public statement after public statement that Islam is not compatible with democracy and that all nations must one day submit to Sharia Law. Therefore saying that Islam or Sharia Law is not compatible with the Constitution of the United States is simply taking Muslims at their word. At another level saying what Ben Carson said, is merely pointing out what is now obvious to the broad majority of citizens of the Western World though not to our largely unaccountable political pseudo elites. I'm telling you folks, Lindsay Graham and Charles Krauthammer, both of whom I respect, are looking increasingly out of touch in the era of Donald Trump. If Lindsay Graham's and Charles Krauthammer's mindsets and views were to prevail we would continue to endure ye aforementioned unaccountable often unelected political establishment whose sole qualification for governance seems to be a capacity to say nothing when asked a question. I really am hoping the Trump era will finish them. I am hoping for a generation of politicians who actually believe in something and have some personal moral vision and commitment beyond personal ambition and pseudo intellectual conformism. That is all."


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