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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

what are little Sinn Feiners made of

Question: How do the IRA's parliamentary proxies in Ireland, ie the political party styled Sinn Fein, fund themselves?

Answer: The modern reinvention of Sinn Fein over the past decade is funded by bank robbery. The main funding for the present expansion of Sinn Fein came from two bank jobs. The first was the Northern Bank Robbery in the year 2004, a somewhat traditional bank job involving gun men and terrorism but with the additional flourish of collaboration involving IRA agents on the bank's staff. Here's how it was done. IRA mobsters pretended to kidnap family members of IRA infiltrators on the staff of the Northern Bank and used the fake kidnapping as a cover for their infiltrators to hand over 30 million dollars to the IRA while pretending to be in fear for their faux kidnapped family members' lives, The Irish courts convicted one Sinn Fein member living in County Cork for his part in this robbery but the IRA have substantially infiltrated the Irish judiciary and the conviction was thrown out by a higher court working on behalf of the IRA.  For the Cork Sinn Fein mafioso, a pattycake retrial excluded the most important piece of evidence, and the Sinn Fein money laundering thief received a non custodial sentence, ie he was sentenced to nought years in jail for stealing 30 million quid. This at a time folks, when Irish courts are jailing people for non payment of dog licences. I kid you not. United Kingdom courts in Northern Ireland have suffered similar bouts of delicatesse in their unwillingness to convict and incarcerate Sinn Fein's principal agent on the Northern Bank's staff, the one who stole and then handed over the thirty million while pretending to be in fear for his family members' lives. The Northern Bank robbery is considered the biggest bank robbery in Irish history. This assessment is not correct. The second IRA bank robbery of the past ten years far exceeded any other bank job in Irish or indeed world history including that of the Northern Bank. I am referring to the IRA's institutional burglarisation of its own bank styled Anglo Irish Bank which took place over a number of years culminating in the bank's collapse in 2008, This time the robbery involved the IRA making itself the effective owner of the bank and inserting a far higher number of IRA agents among staff and management. Anglo Irish Bank was owned and operated by IRA members, Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm et al. Anglo Irish Bank was systematically burglarised by the IRA simply by awarding illegal billion dollar loans to Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm, and to proxy IRA businessman Sean Quinn and his odious IRA family. Sean Quinn also became an owner of the bank through illegal share dealings financed with billion dollar borrowings from the bank itself. The IRA's systematic burglarisation of its own bank was then further concealed by the bank's collapse and by a corrupt Fianna Fail Minister for Finance in the Irish government called Brian Lenihan (since conveniently deceased), by Lenihan's accomplice the corrupt Fianna Fail Prime Minister Brian Cowan, and by their successors in Ireland's present Fine Gael Labour Party combo government. The treasonous crew consisting of Lenihan, Cowan and the present day Fine Gael Labour Party government have put Ireland into the Third World overnight by looting the Treasury in order to pay off the IRA's illegal loans, the same illegal loans which were really a systematic burglarisation disguised as illegal loans, and which the IRA had obtained illegally through its illegal proxies on the board of the IRA's illegally owned bank.


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