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Thursday, September 03, 2015

the attacks on irish prime minister enda kenny

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny (no friend of mine) is under attack from his political rivals and from pseudo commentators in various bankrupt national media groups, over his dismissal from office (which he denies) of a corrupt police chief and an even more corrupt government justice minister.
His critics have contrived a legalistic frippery falsely claiming that it is illegal in Ireland for the Prime Minister to dismiss the Chief of Police.
I urge everyone to reject this legalistic frippery and the invidious attempts to apply it to the only righteous and courageous action Prime Minister Enda Kenny has ever undertaken in his years in goverment (an action he denies, I admit).
Here is the news.
The Prime Minister can of course dismiss the Chief of Police, particularly a congenitally corrupt Police Chief such as the individual in question whose persistent and blatent corruptions were a source of near constant scandal.
For bankrupt media groups or opportunistic parliamentarians in tandem with Ireland's IRA subverted Judiciary, to use legalistic fripperies to criminalise the Prime Minister elected by the people, is unacceptable under any circumstances.
If the Prime Minister, who is elected by the people, is deemed a criminal for dismissing a corrupt Police Chief like Martin Callanan, or a corrupt Justice Minister like Alan Shatter, then the country is ruled by the police.
Ireland would then be a police State.
We're not.
Not quite.
From the shadows of our culture, non elected, non accountable would be puppet masters are seeking to elevate their influence above that of the parliament appointed by the people.
Parliament must not become just another committee ranked alongside more readily subverted non democratic non accountable institutions lurking in the shdows of our culture with obvious ambitions to executive power such as the Judiciary, the Trade Unions, the Civil Service and the various bankrupt national media groups which proliferate in this country at public expense yet have so consummately failed to represent us or defend our interests in this or any other matter.
The primacy of parliament as the elected voice of the people must be maintained.
The corrupt IRA infiltrated Judiciary's latest attempts to intrude upon the workings of our parliamentary democracy by infringing the powers of our elected Prime Minister, are the firstlings of a coup d'etat.
It's time to put a stop to this.
What can we do?
Here's a thought...
Why don't we elect our Judges?


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