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Thursday, September 03, 2015

studying the law with uncle jayums

Irish parliamentarian Ivor Callely has served several months in jail after a Judge styling herself Mary Ellen Ring wrongfully, wrong mindedly, and invidiously sentenced him to prison over discrepencies in his mobile phone expenses.
There is no law in the Statute books of the Republic of Ireland which entitled or entitles Mary Ellen Ring to put anyone in jail over discrepencies in their mobile phone expenses.
As a citizen of Ireland, I consider Mary Ellen Ring's invention of a new jailable offence in order to intimidate a parliamentarian elected by the people of Ireland, to be itself a criminal act and an outrageous usurpation of the power of parliament.
I ask you to contrast Judge Mary Ellen Ring's determination to incarcerate a representative of the people for a supposed over claim of 4000 Euro on his mobile phone expenses, with the determination of Judge Michael Moriarty to ensure IRA mafia capo Sean Fitzpatrick would face no trial at all over his theft of at least sixty billion Euro from his own bank, Anglo Irish Bank.
Judge Michael Moriarty has postponed IRA mafia capo Sean Fitzpatrick's trial for nine months on the grounds that since eveyone knows he did it, and did far worse than he's actually being charged with, Sean Fitzpatrick canot have a fair trial until people forget what he has actually done.
Clever there by the mafia judges.
Assuming we're all brain dead, and that the IRA has entirely subverted the Judiciary of the Republic of Ireland, there can be no comebacks.
It's the perfect blagg.
IRA super thieves can't face justice because they're guilty as sin.
But a respected parliamentarian can be jailed for something that up until five minutes ago when Mary Ellen Ring invented a criminalisation for it, had never been a crime at all.
Let me be clear.
Sean Fitzpatrick as head of Anglo Irish Bank, stole at least sixty thousand billion Euro from the Irish people by giving illegal billion dollar loans to himself, and to another IRA agent styled David Drumm, and to various IRA proxies on the bank's own board, and finally to IRA proxies posing as businessmen among the general populace, most notably one Sean Quinn. (Two Sean Quinns would have been excessive. Even for the Rah.)
The money stolen by IRA mafia capo Sean Fitzpatrick on behalf of the IRA was laundered into Russia through the Russian mafia.
The theft was then covered up using a corrupt now conveniently deceased Irish government minister called Brian Lenihan who was prevailed upon to loot the treasury in order to pay the IRA's sixty billion Euro debts to the IRA's own bank thereby putting Ireland in the Third World overnight so that IRA murderers could continue to live in the style to which they have become accustomed.
What chance one of our mafioso Judges, Ring or Moriarty, would jail a member of the Lenihan political dynasty for treason?
None at all.
There is no jail in Ireland for Fitzpatrick, Drumm, the Quinns or their ilk,
Their crime having been the mere pecadillo of impoverishing the nation for the next five hundred years.
In Ireland there's only jail for someone supposedly overclaimng 4000 Euro on their parliamentary expenses.
Kinda angries up the blood, dunnit?
These people are starting to annoy me.


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