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Friday, November 13, 2015

the little drummer boy

An American Court is currently hearing appeals for bail from IRA super thief David Drumm.
Drumm is in custody pending a court decision on an Irish request for extradition.
The Court has heard such weighty evidence as a letter from Drumm's dear old Mum and additional heart rending letters from his family and near relatives.
Drumm bankrupted Ireland overnight in the Anglo Irish Bank scam by the simple process as a senior officer at the IRA controlled bank of giving illegal billion dollar loans to IRA mafia proxies posing as businessmen and then using corrupt Fianna Fail politicians Brian Cowan and Brian Lenihan to sign the Irish people up to paying the IRA's debts.
I would note that a former leader of Ireland's other main stream political party Fine Gael, Mr Alan Dukes gave a veneer of cross party non partisanship to this scam, by agreeing to accept Lenihan and Cowan's request that he would take personal control of Anglo Irish Bank.
Another Fine Gael politician Cllr John McCartin has recently helped IRA proxie businessman Sean Quinn to regain control of the front companies Quinn allowed the IRA to use in order to bankrupt Ireland.
It was the perfect blag.
And Ireland faces the same IRA infiltration of its Judiciary and political parties as Italy has faced for the past fifty years from Cosa Nostra.
The IRA has turned Ireland into a narco mafia State.
Drumm and his accomplice Sean Fitzpatrick and their IRA businessman proxy friend Sean Quinn robbed every man, woman and child in the nation, burglarised every household, every day, for the next hundred years.
Even though I have no confidence that Ireland's mafia infiltrated court system can try Drumm, I would appeal to the American Courts not to release him.
The time he spends in custody with the Americans is probably going to be the only punishment he gets for putting Ireland in the Third World.


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