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Friday, November 13, 2015

the muslims that ate paris

11pm Irish Time.
Midnight in France.
Tonight Muslims from Al Qaeda's Isis franchise are once more slaughtering Europeans in the streets of Paris.
I hope the French don't get into a standoff over the hostages the Muslims are holding.
The French should go in straight away and destroy whoever has taken these hostages.
If the hostages die, let them die our way.
Don't let the Muslims decide anything in regard to how this turns out.
This is an attack on all of us.
Come on France.
No stand off.
No siege.
No showboating Jihadis watching themselves on television.
Do not allow the Muslims five minutes to hog the headlines.
End them.
The Muslims have attacked Paris to try and save face at the death of their most famous head hacker Jihad John (Mohammed Emwazi by birth) who was sent home to Allah earlier today in an airstrike.
Unfortunately the death of Emwazi has not overly inconvenienced his family and connections who are still swanning around London dining out on their notoriety and firmly clutching their British passports.
And the Muslim Brotherhood's Irish capo Sheikh Halawa is still sitting like a pasha on his cushions at the Clonskeagh Mosque while the Irish government scramble to get his terrorist son released from prison in Egypt.
And the German Chancellor Frau Angela Merkel is still throwing open the doors of Europe to any Muslim claiming to be a refugee.
And the Irish navy continues its holiday in the Mediterranean assisting mafia people traffickers by picking up boatload after boatload of Muslim interlopers off the coast of Libya and shipping them direct to Italy.
The Jihadis are playing us.
Personally I wouldn't have it.
Let the game end tonight.
Secure the borders of Europe.
Expel them.
All of them.


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