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Monday, November 02, 2015

the swan of new hampshire

Political commentator Mark Steyn has published a music video on his website featuring himself singing "I thought I saw a Pussycat."
It is an oddly moving performance.
To me it actually contained intimations of the majestic goodness of God.
When I see swans sometimes I catch my breath and go: "Well God made those. You can see it. The artist exulting in his creation."
But God loves the swans so much, he didn't just make them beautiful.
When they climb out of the pond you see they have big clumpy feet like nature's galoshes.
This too is testimony to God's glory.
God did this so that the swans would not be vain about the extraordinary metaphysical beauty he has crafted into each one of them.
So to Mark Steyn.
He is probably the finest stylist of modern written English working at the moment.
But when he sings it is as though the God of wisdom and holiness is reminding him not to become vain in his other accomplishments.


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