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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

ireland under the nazis

Fine Gael's Greatest Hits.
The Top Ten

In a few short years of dessicating misrule in Ireland the Fine Gael Labour Party combo government has...

1. Legalised the murder of unborn children through abortion.

2. Proposed to set up injection rooms for heroin addicts thereby effectively decriminalising the drug mafias.

3. Forced Catholic Church run Primary Schools to adopt a government mandated version of religious education written by atheists with a detestation for the Catholic Church.

4. Closed the Vatican embassy.

5. Purchased the worthless Allied Irish Bank for billions of dollars, a bank on whose board sat billionaire Lochlainn Quinn the brother of Labour Party government Minister Ruairi Quinn.

6. Corporatised the water supply establishing a new trade union power brokerage to own water in Ireland using a business model similar to the monoply electricity company ESB whose trade union is controlled by IRA mobsters, I kid you not.

7. Continued and extended their Fianna Fail predecessors in government's bail out of the IRA controlled front company styled Anglo Irish Bank.

8. Financed through State funding a website to tell children how to have what the Fine Gaelers euphemistically describe as safe sex, during threesomes.

9. Promoted a wittering wimminy insider (Noirin O'Sullivan) from the Irish Police Force to Chief Of Police having promised to appoint someone from outside the Force in order to combat the congenital corruption of Ireland's police officers. As Chief of Police, Noirin O'Sullivan's contribution to law enforcement in Ireland has been to move corrupt precinct chiefs to other precincts and to state that she isn't sure if the IRA exists or not.

10. Allowed liberal Judges to continue releasing murderers on bail so that the murderers can kill, kill and kill again.

11. Failed to hold a public enquiry into the circumstances under which satanist Lorcan Bale was given a false identity and released into Britain after his murder by crucifiction in 1973 of a little boy called John Horgan. The cover up included members of the Judiciary, the police and the Media.

12. Failed to prevent drug gangs from controlling our prisons.

13. Failed to prevent the IRA from presiding over a Murder Incorporated confederacy of mafias in Ireland including Al Qaeda Muslim Gangs, Chinese Triads, Cosa Nostra, devil worshipping Nigerian Covens, the Russian mob, et al. The Irish police admit that 26 international mafias are operating here. Although Police Chief Noirin O'Sullivan has stated she's not sure if the IRA exists or not.

14. Failed to prevent the IRA from establishing and mentoring drug gangs in every town and village in Ireland.

15. Introduced gender mandate legislation compelling political parties to field female candidates at election whom party members have rejected for selection on a free vote.

16. Attempted to distract public attention from their own corruption and scurrilous mismanagement of the country by introducing a thoroughly frivolous same sex marriage referendum.

17. Allowed Fine Gael Councillor John McCartin to aid IRA Capo Sean Quinn to regain control of the front company Quinn had used to bankrupt Ireland through illegal billion dollar loans from the IRA controlled front company Anglo Irish Bank.

18. Allowed a bunch of poor little rich boys led by one Willie Walsh (two Willie Walshes would have been ridiculous) to take control of the Irish national airline Aer Lingus.

19. Failed to take any action against White Collar super thief Denis O'Brien who has been found by a Judicial Enquiry to have bribed Fine Gael's corrupt former Communicaitons Minister Michael Lowry in order to obtain billion dollar mobile phone service supply contracts dirt cheap.

20. Failed to take any action against Michael Lowry.

21. Allowed the now billionaire white collar criminal Fine Gael financier Denis O'Brien to take overall control of Independent Newspapers.

22. Purchased the bankrupt Allied Irish Bank (Note: not Anglo) which had gone bust lending billions of dollars to Independent Newspapers and whose Board of Management included billionaire Lochlainn Quinn the brother of then Labour Party Education Minister Ruairi Quinn,

23. Allowed Labour Party Education Minister Ruairi Quinn's billionaire brother Lochlainn to be head of the State monopoly electricity company the ESB.

24. Permitted the newly nationalised worthless Allied Irish Bank to write off Independent Newspapers billion dollar debts without requiring Independent Newspaper's new billionaire owner the Fine Gael financier white collar criminal Denis O'Brien to pay a red cent of the billion dollar debts his company owed.

25 Allowed Labour Party Education Minister Ruairi Quinn's billionaire brother Lochlainn to keep his 30 million dollar vineyard in France and his personal billion dollar fortune after Lochlainn had allowed Allied Irish Bank to go bankrupt under his Boardroom stewardship.

26. Introduced a frivolous tax on anyone who dares to own their own house, a charge intended to enable the Gaelers to avoid any confrontation with the nurses, teachers, transport workers and electricians whose trade unions are controlled by the IRA.

27. Failed to tackle the IRA's control of the trade union movement.

28. Failed to tackle the IRA's subversion of the Judiciary.

29 Failed to tackle the IRA's subversion of Fine Gael through Councillor John McCartin.


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