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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

live feed from tonight's friends of sinn fein $500 a head fundraising dinner at the sheraton hotel manhattan usa

The guests are mingling.
Every gangland IRA thug in America is present.
An interesting touch has been provided by the choice of house band who are none other than the British 1980's combo styled Dire Straits.
Dire Straits are singing their most famous song.
It goes:

"A lovestruck Rah man
In a street suss serenade
Laying Ireland low
With a terror group that he made
For 30 years they tried to hand us over to communist Russia
They thought that would be alright
A killing and a torturing
Every day and every night
Oh Gerry Adams
It was over from the start
You never saw a human being
You couldn't blow apart
I forget
I forget
Just how many people you murdered
Tell me when the music started
Maybe it was just that the time was wrong
Oh Gerry Adams
Nerdle nerdle nerdle
Ner ner ner ner
The IRA is a full time mafia
Sinn Fein is just their front
For the murders carried out in backrooms
By drug dealing psychopathic delinqu-i-unts
Remortgaging their souls
A hundred times over to the devil
For so many murders Gerry
Hell is gonna need another level
And they raise cash from little bank robberies
They raise cash from multiple extortions
Rather hilariously they also find time to advocate on behalf of same sex marriage
And they simply love abortions
Whenever there is a murder on
They always make best haste
The IRA has a motto
To never let a chance for torture go to waste
And we can fall for chains of silver
We can fall for chains of gold
We can fall for murderers talking history
And the promises that they hold
Underneath the street lamps
Where only the blood flows free
Nerdle nerdle ner
Ner ner ner ner
Hey Gerry Adams
You nearly gave me a heart attack
Underneath my window
Singing 'Hey na the IRA's back'
Calling you scum would be libel
To any card carrying scum
It doesn't matter
There's nothing we can do about it
I guess it's just that the time is wrong
Oh Gerry Adams
Nerdle nerdle ner
Ner ner ner ner
Killing by any other name
Is always something good
Oh Gerry Adams
You spiller of innocent blood
Oh Gerry Adams
Life was over from the start
You murdered for the fun of it
You murdered from your heart
I forget
I forget
Exactly how many people you killed
When was it the mayhem stopped
And the torturing Gerry the torturing
It never stopped
It went on all along
With new IRA mentored gangs in every town and village in Ireland
Maybe it was just that the time was wrong
Oh Gerry Adams
We grew up on different streets
They both were streets of shame
But your mafia enforcers
Make all streets the same
Can you remember the fear in their eyes Gerry
Can you remember the people you killed
In the backrooms and the torture chambers
Do you remember every gallon of blood you spilled
And you can corrupt the Irish Judiciary
And subvert the trade unions too
You can lie to gullible Americans
Who should know better than to succour you
You can form alliances with Al Qaeda
And the Triads and the rest
As you turn our beautiful Ireland
Into your own personal mafia fest
Oh Gerry Adams
Nerdle nerdle ner
Ner ner ner ner

You know I quite like this song.


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