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Sunday, December 06, 2015

results of the heelers enquiry into generalised corruption in the irish banking industry

(ie Answers to questions not asked in the official government enquiry into the Irish banking collapse.)

Question 1. Was Anglo Irish Bank a controlled front for the IRA mafia whose parliamentary proxies are the Sinn Fein political party?
Answer: Yes.

Question 2. Was the collapse of Anglo Irish Bank an IRA bank job involving the looting of the bank through the issuance of illegal billion dollar loans to IRA agents posing as businessmen, primarily Sean Quinn and his mobster family, and afterwards the looting of the Irish government treasury through corrupt parliamentarians in the Fianna Fail political party and their successors in the present Fine Gael Labour coalition, in order to conceal what was an institutionalised burgarisation and not a banking collapse at Anglo Irish Bank?
Answer: Yes.

Question 3: Did the IRA subvert Ireland's three major mainstream political parties Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour through targetted infiltration and bribery in order to sign up the Irish people to paying the IRA's bank debts at Anglo Irish Bank thereby putting the entire country in the Third World overnight and saddling the entire population of Ireland with an unrepayable debt for the next hundred years?
Answer: Yes.


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