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Monday, December 07, 2015

the confederacy of dunces

Within hours of my gentle satire on the weather reporting style of one Teresa Mannion (two Teresa Mannions would have been ridiculous) the Irish television station, RTE, is claiming that her reports on a winter storm in Ireland have "gone viral around the globe." By globe presumably they mean the planet earth and not Teresa Mannion's head. This evening RTE is quoting Teresa Mannion as being "gobsmacked" at the sensational response to her, er, sensational reporting of an ordinary Irish winter rain storm. But then Teresa Mannion is clearly gobsmacked by everything. A few rain drops and she sees a sort of secular apocalypse. One that doesn't involve God telling us to stop murdering unborn babies through abortion, to stop murdering the elderly through euthanasia, and to stop murdering everyone else through assisted suicide. God is so passe, eh Teresa Mannion. Your apocalypse comes from Gaia, the planet earth herself, telling us all to accept sovietism or else it'll rain some more. Teresa Mannion gobsmacked indeed. By the way, on this blog she's known as Maisie Baines. As is everyone else I couldn't be bothered making up a good name for. Best quote from yesterday's Maisie storm reportage: "Storm Desmond is only the fourth named storm in Irish history." Yes Maisie. Because you and the weather soviets have only started naming them last year in an attempt to make Irish people think the climate is changing. You lovable goons. It's all climate change isn't Maisie? Right back to Noah's ark. Meanwhile there is absolutely no reportage in Western Europe of discredited Climate Change scientist Michael Mann's attempts to criminalise the whistle blowing commentator Mark Steyn in the American courts with a libel action now entering its fourth year. It's the biggest story on earth aside from the Jihad. Irish, British and European media groups are simply ignoring it. Ironically enough the Jihadis themselves were the last ones to attempt to silence Steyn with a frivolous court action aimed at labelling him a racist and having his writings banned. This story too was for a time the biggest story on earth. And it was also roundly ignored in Europe. Which is why European media groups are ALL bankrupt, and are all surviving on state subsidies from our corrupt corporatist quango governments. I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.


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