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Friday, December 11, 2015

runaway train in boston

The incident involving a runaway train on Boston's light railway (known as The T) yesterday, looks to me like an attempted terrorist attack.
Is it possible that someone would deliberately rigged a train to go out of control with fifty passengers on board in an attempt to cause death, mayhem, panic and chaos on the suburban Red Line?
The driver exited his cab, claiming afterwards to have been keying in an over ride code to a faulty signal box.
There were fifty people still on the train when the driver exited.
Its control column is designed so that the train will not operate without the pressure of a driver's hand but in this instance the safety measures built into the train had been disabled apparently with a cord of some kind.
The driver claimed that the train "brushed him" as it careered out of the station.
He has checked himself into hospital supposedly with minor injuries.
The runaway train was stopped after transport technicians cut the electric power on the  route's third rail.
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker publically stated that the alterations to the train's control stick which caused it to careen from the station out of control were a clear case of "tampering."
After its power was cut the train coasted through another four stations according to reports from the scene, before coming to a halt.
Yesterday's incident is the latest in a series of derailments and deaths on the T system over the past two years.

Delenda est jihadis


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