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Friday, January 15, 2016

the top ten greatest evils on earth

1. Abortion.
2. Euthanasia of the elderly.
3. Assisted suicide across all age groups.
4. The generation of life in test tubes and the consequent murdering of most of the lives so generated as doctors select which test tube baby should be allowed to live. (They discard nine out of ten.)
5.The murder of innocents in sacrifice to satan.
6. Violation of the innocent in sacrifice to satan
7. Contraception culture and its attendant collapse in human and spiritual values.
8. Secret societies such as the Free Masons who worship the devil under the increasingly less secret name jahbulon.
9. Devil worship and sorcery generally.
10. The rise of mafias to unprecedented prominence, along with historically new liaisons between these mafias, and the division of our countries into neo feudal mafia territories, by the IRA, Irish Tinker Gangs, Cosa Nostra, Chinese Triads, the Russian Mob, Al Qaeda, Mexican Zetas, MS 13, various Columbian Cartels, and Nigerian devil worship rings.


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