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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

scenes from a jihad

1. Chatting with farmer Dave amid the lush green pastures of County Kildare. "Ah James," quoth he, "calm down. They're hardly going to bomb the field out there."

2. Coffee with XXXXX. Today I asked her what she thought of the latest news. She answered: "I don't watch the news anymore."

3. A Jihadi has murdered around fifty people in Orlando Florida.

4. A Jihadi in France has butchered a man and wife, both police officers. He is said to have tortured the wife in front of her young child. Some reports suggest he broadcast the torture of the wife over the internet.

5. Security sources are now suggesting that the wife of the Orlando Jihadi is a prime suspect as an accomplice in her husband's slaughter of fifty people in the night club.

6. Tim Cooke, the Chief Executive of Apple Computers, has spoken out in sympathy with the victims of the Orlando Jihadi. This is the same Tim Cooke who in February refused to help the FBI unlock the computer codes on an Apple phone belonging to yet another Jihadi who with his wife as accomplice had just killed 14 people at San Bernadino, California.

7. President Obama continues to pretend there is no link between Islam and the worldwide Jihad war against humanity. President Obama suggests that the present attack in Orlando could have been prevented with gun control regulations. President Obama refuses to use the phrase 'Islamic terrorism,' preferring more neutral terms such as 'violent extremists.'


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