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Sunday, December 04, 2016

today they said

Gerry Adams (leader of the Sinn Fein political party): "It makes no sense for Austin Stack to say he didn't tell me the names. Why would he meet me to ask me to arrange a meeting with people whose names he wouldn't tell me? Be serious."

James Healy: "Well since he knew, as we all know, that you are an IRA godfather, it was reasonable for him and for the rest of us to believe that you would know the names of the men deputed by your IRA drug dealing terrorist mafia to kill his father."

Background: Prison Officer Brian Stack was murdered by the IRA in 1983. Gerry Adams who leads the IRA's proxies Sinn Fein in the Irish parliament, says he has passed on to the police, the names of four men possibly linked to the killing. Mr Adams maintains that the names of the men were given to him by Brian Stack's son Austin. Austin Stack says he gave Gerry Adams no names.


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