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Thursday, February 16, 2017


The glory of God is writ in the people of the earth, in faces and forms and ideas and words and smiles and thoughts and songs and endeavours and repentence and praise and intellectualism and simplicity and academia and work and hairstyles and fashion statements and contemplation and quietude and deeds and conversations.
The glory of God shines in the animals he has made, each one with a dignity and a limitless goodness because everything he makes is good, and that is why a dog cheers me, and a hen cheers someone else, and a cat lifts spirits, and a bird raises hearts, and a horse makes some exult, and a dolphin makes more rejoice, each one perfect in the way of heaven.
The glory of God is present in landscapes and seascapes, mountains and deserts, fields and fens which call out in praise of him by their very being.
The glory of God rings in thunderstorms, rainfall, lightning flash, wind, sunshine and shadow.
The glory of God is found in faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is love.
The glory of God is without end.


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