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Saturday, February 18, 2017

why is the irish independent newspaper group bankrupt

Contrary to corporate myth, the bankruptcy of Independent Newspapers has nothing to do with free speech on the internet. Here is the news. Independent Newspapers is bankrupt because last week when Ireland was reeling over unprecedented accusations against the Chief of Police Noirin O'Sullivan to wit that she had slandered hero cop Maurice McCabe by trying to frame him for sex abuse against children, and simultaneously while Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny was facing unprecedented pressure to resign over his buffoonish and frankly mendacious statements to parliament re his handling of Noirin O'Sullivan's own refusal to resign and what he knew and when he knew it, and what his Ministers knew, and what Minister For Children And Youth Affairs Katherine Zapone concealed from the rest of the government about what she knew about the framing of Maurice McCabe by public officials and government employees on false allegations of child abuse, and when she knew it, and what Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald knew, and when they all knew it, and when all this was happening and the country was in a profound state of shock about the specifics of it I say, the Irish Independent ran a pattycake story on its cover about hospital care. Coverage of the most earth shattering news story in the last thirty years of the Irish Republic, the story about Enda Kenny and Noirin O'Sullivan, was consigned to a single article on page 15. They are gone. There is no business model for Independent Newspapers. There is nothing there. No ability. No integrity. No decency. No taste. No decorum. Nothing. Nothing beyond a seditious liaison with the Fine Gael party in which the Irish Independent runs pass defence to protect the most incompetent Prime Minister in Irish history, in return for that incompetent Prime Minister ensuring that no legal action is taken against the proprietor of Independent Newspapers Denis O'Brien over his bribes to a former Fine Gael Communications Minister called Michael Lowry as described in a Judicial Enquiry, with the said bribes being paid by Denis O'Brien to Michael Lowry in order for Denis O'Brien to obtain mobile phone service provision contracts worth a billion dollars dirt cheap. I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.

Footnote 1: The present debacle regarding Noirin O'Sullivan and Enda Kenny is indeed the most earth shattering story in Ireland for three decades. It is topped only by the previous most earth shattering story in the history of the Irish Republic, concerning multiple murderer Malcolm MacArthur's separate slaughters of nurse Bridie Gargan and farmer Donal Dunne. In 1982 after a nationwide man hunt, MacArthur was found hiding in the apartment of the Irish governmen then legal adviser Patrick Connolly in circumstances that have never been satisfactorily explained. This story remains important because elements of the State apparatus, government, judiciary, prosecutors, and police, have refused to put MacArthur on trial for the second of his known murders. He was released in 2012 after serving a sentence solely for his murder of Bridie Gargan. The failure to insist on a comprehensive explanation for MacArthur's high society contacts with Patrick Connolly as well as MacArthur's contacts with yet another ex Chief of Police Patrick McLoughlin, the failure to campaign for a full trial and sentencing for MacCarthur for the murder of Donal Dunne, the failure to keep the story in the public domain, the failure to explain MacArthur's murders and whether or not he had other accomplices, the failure to expose the nefarious levels of corruption this story indicates exist in our government and ruling pseudo elites, the failure to recognise that MacCarthur should never have been released, all these failures are yet further reasons why Independent Newspapers is bankrupt.

Footnote 2: If we go back another decade we find the third most earth shattering story in Irish history to be effectively ignored and/or concealed by Independent Newspapers. This was the evasion of justice by 16 year old satanist Lorcan Bale who in 1973 crucified a seven year old boy called John Horgan in the attic of the Bale family home. Bale's crime was concealed by the usual coteries of police, Judges, politicians and prosecutors, and also this time with the explicit connivance of the media who falsely reported at the time that John Horgan died of natural causes while a newspaper in Canada was correctly reporting that John Horgan had been murdered in a satanic ritual. Bale never stood trial for his ritual murder of John Horgan, He was given a new identity and turned loose on the English. Details of the torture of John Horgan were concealed by, among others, corrupt Judges who without legitimate explanation or justification, adjourned the inquest into John Horgan's death repeatedly over thirty years. Lorcan Bale lives in England to this day. His devil worshipping family were also given new identities and provided with a new home at an undisclosed location in Ireland. Their devil worship ring was never exposed. They kill now at their leisure. I would note another salient and factor in this story, ie that satanists join prayer groups and infiltrate Christian activist organisations. In the early 1970's Lorcan Bale's father was a prominent member of Christian prayer groups in Dublin and active in pro life issues. Lorcan Bale's father was also a former colleague in the civil service of one Cathal Goan who later became head of the Irish national broadcaster RTE and of the Irish language television station TnaG.


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