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Thursday, March 02, 2017

darkness visible

Celia looked thoughtful.
"You're going to be surprised to hear me say this," she murmured. "But if I could I'd uninvent the internet."
"I think this is to your credit," I told her. "But you will never have that power. The power you do have is to help me bring awareness to people of what the internet is being used for. The pornogrification of children and adults. The debasement of public discourse. The elevation of scoundrels. You could help me expose the Irish Judges who have refused to extradite Eoin Marques the number one supplier of child porngraphy, that is real films of real children being really raped, violated and murdered, the number one supplier on the planet, and Irish Judges have been dragging their heels over American requests to extradite him for the past three years. You could join me in letting people know about this and becoming a solution to this. You could join me in calling on people to close down their Facebook internet pages because the Facebook company refused to help Irish police identify those Facebook users who had used Facebook to harass Irish teenager Darren Gibson to death. You could help me start the campaign whereby people would write in the slot for their reasons for leaving Facebook the single word Darren. And let Facebook figure it out. And let Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg grow a conscience or die poor. You could join me in exposing the drug dealer who lvies at my gate or the corrupt skang cop who ran the law into the ground in my town for fifteen years. You could join me in fighting IRA mafia control of Irish trade unions, Irish Judges, and Irish cops, and Irish political parties. All this you could do. But Celia you cannot uninvent the internet. And there's no way of doing what I'm asking you to do, and remaining popular."


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