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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


The ultra leftist (at best) Archbishop Diarmuid Martin made a speech last week during Easter season religious ceremonies.
The most virulently and bigotedly anti Catholic newspaper in Europe, the Irish Independent soon gave prominent and fawning reportage of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's speech.
I ask you.
Why is Archbishop Diarmuid Martin so popular with people who despise Christianity?
Why do media groups that have spent fifty years trying to erase Christianity from Ireland, find themselves so much in love with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin?
I'm just asking.
The Irish Independent report claimed that as Archbishop Diarmuid Martin made his speech, he was "flanked" by Bishop Michael Neary and Bishop Kevin Doran.
Flanked indeed.
They stood beside him on the altar of a church during a religious ceremony.
They're hardly his praetorian guard.
Or bosom buddies for that matter.
These two bishops unlike Archbishop Diarmuid Martin are held in high esteem by the Irish people.
The word "flanked" used by the Irish Independent was of course meant to imply that Bishop Michael Neary and Bishop Kevin Doran have acquiesced to Archbishop Martin's hostile takeover of the church in Ireland.
When I heard that Michael Neary and Kevin Doran had allowed themselves to be seen "flanking" Archie, and had stood in silence while he made his usual tendentious jeers and innuendos directed at the church and at those Christians who came before us in particular, my mind flew to another era.
I was remembering something I had read in a book by the Lutheran Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.
Pastor Wurmbrand had attended a church conference in Romania in the 1950's at a time when that country was controlled by Communist Russia.
Speaker after speaker at the conference praised the governing puppet communist party of Romania and its Russian overlord Joe Stalin.
Speaker after speaker asserted that the church had always been hypocritical, a church of the rich, and needed to be reformed and enlightened by the egalitarian working class hero Joe Stalin.
Pastor Wurmbrand's wife Sabine turned to him.
"Wipe this insult from the face of Christ," murmured Sabine.
"If I do, you lose your husband," replied Pastor Wurmbrand.
"I would rather lose you than be married to a coward," said Sabine.


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