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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

if we'd had the twitter website teresa may political correctness sky news and blogs in the 1940s

Well known right wing activist Winston Churchill was arrested today on charges of inciting hatred after yet another controversial outburst.
Churchill had openly urged massive aerial rearmament in the face of what he called "the growing German threat."
A police spokesman told reporters that Churchill faced charges of incitement to hatred over his bigoted remarks on Twitter.
Prime Minister Teresa May commented: "We will not give in to hatred. We will not change our values. This is not about borders. The important thing is to cherish diversity. This is about multiculturalism. We will never fight for our country. German immigrants have a right to live among us. People like Churchill imply that all Germans are Nazis. We must engage with young Germans before they become radicalised. We must ask ourselves whether we are to blame for so many of them joining the SS, the Gestapo or Kampfgruppe Steiner. I am confident that there is no need to change course by recognising something so arcane as reality. What's a Muslim?"
Meanwhile as London and Coventry burn in the latest Luftwaffe blitz raids, Sky News has roundly blamed local councils for not providing proper bomb proof cladding for buildings in the cities.
Blogger James Healy has grown a bald patch.


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