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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

attention leo varadkar prime minister republic of ireland

(eyes only)

1. Offices of the Revenue Commissioners, the official government taxing authority in Ireland, are being decentralised to various locations in Dublin and around the country.

2. These offices are repositories for files on citzens and commercial organisations. The files contain sensitive data.

3. I am concerned that while Revenue Commissioners offices are being decentralised, a de facto increase in the concentration of power is taking place behind closed doors. That is to say more and more power in the form of data on citizens is being marshalled by the various staffs  in the various offices with oversight that may not be sufficient to prevent abuses.

4. I would suggest Prime Minister that those employed in the Revenue Commissioners may not always use the powers they are accumulating and which you are allowing them to accumulate, wisely.

5. Revenue Commissioners offices, containing as they do information on citizens and commercial entities, are targets for infiltration by gangland and terrorist organisations such as the IRA, Al Qaeda, Cosa Nostra, the Chinese Triads et al.

6. The decentralisation of Revenue Commissioners offices may result in an attrition of security protocols and an increasing risk of security breaches with regard to data being kept on the citizenry.

7. The Revenue Commissioners offices in Tallaght are located in a shared building that includes a hotel, a casino, a fast food takeaway, and other commercial outlets.

8. A carpark serving the hotel and the other tenants is located around the building.

9/ The location of a public carpark serving a hotel and a casino, beside Revenue Commissioners offices means that gangland operatives have an excuse to be in proximity to Revenue Commissioners offices which they may want to keep under surveillance.

10. The presence of a public carpark at the site also gives opportunities for gangland operatives or other personae non gratae to observe staff with a view to corrupting same.

11. A police station is also using the underground carpark at this location.

12. There is a public interest in preventing undue access by the police to civil servants holding personal data on the citizenry.

13. The sharing of an internal carpark with the police might in theory allow improper contact between the police and Revenue Commissioners personnel.

14. The sharing of a building with any other entity, such as a casino or a hotel, might in theory provide a modus for further security breaches.

15. My recommendations Prime Minister are as follows.

16. All Revenue Commissioners offices, including decentralised ones, should be in stand alone buildings with a controlled carpark, uniquely preserved for Revenue Commissioners use. There should be no possibility of gangland spectators using the carpark. There should be professional security in place at the gate.

17. Revenue Commissioners offices should never be shared with other tenants, whether commercial businesses or State Sector entities such as the police.

18. The perimetre of Revenue Commissioners offices should give no sight lines for potential malefactors to scout personnel or the location itself.


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