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Friday, September 15, 2017

in time of the freaking out of nations

Sitting in Farmer Jones front room.
Four dogs and three cats are lolling, strolling, mullocking and meditating in various postures around me.
Puppy, Maggie, Snowy, Harry, Tiger, Chip and Marmalady.
If the Murdocks hadn't pulled the plug on Fox News in Europe all would be right with the world.
As it is, the only blot on my escutcheon television is CNN.
Any tripe in a storm as Kim Jung Un will not be saying for very much longer.
The creatures arrayed around me in oddly contented harmonies call up to my consciousness the old question as to whether animals go to heaven.
CS Lewis once opined that the idea of the lion lying down with the lamb as expressed in the Bible prophecy should not be taken too literally.
He suggested that a lion sitting peaceably with a lamb would no longer really be a lion.
I think his imagination might have failed him on this one point.
I suspect that one day the lion in his glory will indeed sit down with the lamb and both will be more glorious than we have ever known them.
I saw a parody of the fulfillment of the prophecy years ago when Pope John Paul The Great met with the old communist Mikhail Gorbachev.
And I am seeing a shadow of its fulifillment now this very afternoon in Farmer Jones front room with the cats and dogs in peaceful profusion sitting around me watching the worst news channel on the planet.


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