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Saturday, April 14, 2018

three strings hath my steinervortzel

 A butterfly is enough reason to believe in God.
If there was only one butterfly in the universe, it would still be enough reason to believe in God.
I've heard people who believe they received intimations about God or spiritual consolations from him through butterflies.
It's happened to me.
I was talking to a girl in a cafe once and asked her did she believe in God.
After a pause she said: "Yes. Yes, I do believe in God."
Instantly a lovely blue butterfly came floating down from the rafters of the cafe and alighted on the lip of her tea cup.
The butterfly stayed there a moment, then fluttered against the window pane beside us for a bit, then went off.
A few hours later, while I was walking alone in the fields, a similar blue butterfly wafted by.
I don't think I've seen one before that day or since.
There's a woman in my town who told me she felt she was getting a sort of greeting from her deceased husband through butterflies.
I nearly fell off my chair because I too had received a greeting from him, even hearing his voice (in my head or my heart I don't know) as a butterfly flew around my kitchen.
Someone who lives overseas told me she believed she got a greeting from the same man via a butterfly after she had her baby.
A butterfly is saying by his being, that God made the world.
Ditto robins.
And don't start me on daffodils.


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