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Saturday, May 12, 2012

catholic day at the irish times

The Irish Times was full of the Catholic Church today.
You could be forgiven for thinking there was a general conversion going on over at Bolshevick Towers.
There's not of course.
Virulent hatred of the ancient faith is still the order of the day among the Marxian atheists who comprise the Irish Times staff and management.
You can see this in their continual attempts to run pass defence for the Marxian atheists at RTE who recently attempted to frame a Catholic priest for child rape.
Today's Irish Times had yet another exculpatory article on its cover alleging falsely and crassly that the RTE journos had been unfairly criticised by the conclusions of one of the various internal enquiries into their attempt to destroy an innocent man by bribing an African girl to say he had raped her in childhoood.
But other Catholic themed articles in today's Irish Times were more equinanimous towards the Church.
The bitter Marxian detestation of Catholocism which so characterises the Irish Times, RTE, and Independent Newpapers, was almost entirely absent.
Today's snow job made remarkable reading.
I couldn't get over it.
Article after article after article after article about the Catholic Church.
In the Irish Times no less.
And some of the writing was nearly almost fair minded.
By Jove.
They're really scared.
First off was a full page article by Kathy Sheridan about the Catholic sacrament of First Holy Communion.
Kathy Sheridan is of course most famous for her statement live on national television about gangster banker Sean Fitzpatrick asserting that the banking crisis was unfortunate as it would mean the unfair apportionment of blame to Sean Fitzpatrick whom she knew and whom she insisted was a decent man, this in spite of the fact that Sean Fitzpatrick as head of Anglo Irish Bank had overnight plunged Ireland into the Third World by using his political connections in the corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail and Fine Gael and Labour parties to loot the treasury in a process which is ongoing even as we speak, in order to conceal his burglarisation of his own bank by the awarding of billion dollar loans to himself and his friends.
And today Kathy Sheridan is using her sublime journalistic insights to write in the Irish Times about Communion.
How privileged we all are.
By the way, her article about Communion was twee and leftist but it had some merit.
Nearby was an article by Irish Times religious affairs correspondent the self confessed atheistic Marxian Patsy McGarry.
Today Patsy McGarry had at last found a Catholic Priest he was willing to praise.
The Catholic Priest in question was, as we might have expected, Father Bernard Lynch who is currently living in a sexual relationship with a man which relationship he insists be called a marriage.
There is a whiff of scandal over Bernard Lynch stemming from a sex abuse allegation unconnected with his present liaison.
Bernard Lynch was in the past accused of abusing a fourteen year old boy.
The fourteen year old boy refused to testify when the case came to court.
Bernard Lynch claims he was framed by elements within the Catholic Church who he says disapproved of his homosexual lifestyle.
It was quite rum to see Patsy McGarry uncritically presenting Bernard Lynch's claims to have been framed for sex abuse by unnamed Church figures.
If Patsy McGarry seriously thinks that this case against Bernard Lynch was set up by the Catholic Church to ruin Bernard Lynch, then Patsy McGarry is the dumbest atheistic Marxian this side of Hades.
But Patsy McGarry doesn't really believe that the 14 year old was somehow persuaded by senior Catholic figures to make up his allegations.
Patsy McGarry doesn't believe that for a second.
He's just content to allow Bernard Lynch to falsely convey that notion in his article and to let other people believe it.
Which just goes to show, there are worse crimes than child abuse.
By this, I mean to suggest that Patsy McGarry's willingness to facilitate the false depiction in the Irish Times of the Catholic Church as engaging in framing its own priest Father Bernard Lynch for child abuse, is itself a worse crime than child abuse.
What Patsy McGarry did in the Irish Times.
In presenting Bernard Lynch's nonsense claims.
I think it's worse than child abuse.
What Patsy McGarry did amounts to incitement to hatred against the most selfless and heroic people among us.
By which I mean the Bishops of the Catholic Church.
Just so's we're clear.
The other main Catholic themed article in today's Irish Times came via the Irish Times token Catholic John Waters.
The John Waters article, which was a reminiscence, moved me deeply.
It recounted how John Waters as a child had lain in bed listening to cars driving by his house and picturing the faces of the people in each car.
It was the most profoundly beautiful article I've ever read in the Irish Times.
Truth be told, the John Waters article did bear some strange similarities to an article I myself had published on this website and in the Leinster Leader ten years ago.
My own article had described in elegaic terms how I'd lain in bed at night as a child listening to cars driving by the house and picturing the faces of the people driving them.
Hilarious no.
Yes indeedy.
Great minds plagiarise alike.
Near the John Waters article the Irish Times had posited yet another Catholic themed piece (surely a record) by a former RTE employee which on the surface of it appeared to be calling for changes in the way RTE conducted its journalistic investigations.
The salient piece in the article was a sideswipe at the Church in which the writer warned of a resurgent right wing Catholicism in Ireland.
The writer, again a Marxian atheist with a deep detestation of all forms of Christianity and an abiding hatred of the one form of Christianity he thinks threatens the exponential power accruing to usurping Marxists, was of course formerly employed on the very programme at RTE which sought to frame a priest for child rape.
The writer had apparently left the programme staff before the plot to frame this particular priest was hatched.
And today this RTE Marxian shill is warning in the atheistic Marxian Irish Times about resurgent right wing Catholicism in Ireland.
You couldn't make it up.
By resurgent right wing Catholicism the Irish Times Marxist is referring to the situation whereby Catholics have learned to speak openly about the atheistic Marxists intent on subverting our country, our culture and our church.
I gotta tell this Bolshevick and all the other Bolshevicks at the Irish Times, RTE, Independent Newspapers et al...
We didn't surrender to the Penal Laws.
We didn't surrender to Islamism.
We didn't surrender to abortionist Feminism.
We didn't surrender to Communism, Nazism, or any other shade of Marxian Atheism.
And we're not going to surrender to you.


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