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Monday, October 12, 2009

the unnecessary recession

The chief executives and board members of Anglo Irish Bank, Trustees Savings Bank, Allied Irish Bank and Bank Of Ireland, along with the other myriad financial institutions which used accountancy tricks to declare massive fictional profits for the past twenty years, prior to suddenly announcing that they were about to go bust over night, should all be in jail.
Let's suspend the constitution, take Judge Liberal out of the equation, and put em in jail.
You'd be surprised how many of them would reform after a decade in solitary.
The corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail party which has used this country to rescue its corrupt kleptocratic friends in the banking and construction industries, should be disbanded.
Fianna Fail should be disbanded by the voters.
I'm not asking you to vote for the abortionist amoral spin doctoring Fine Gael or the communist infiltrated Labour Party.
I'm just saying: End Fianna Fail.
End them now.
The Fianna Failers who have risked the existence of our country by pinning our economy to corrupt financial institutions, should also be serving jail time.
Let's be clear.
Irish banks did not collapse because of any international down turn.
Irish banks collapsed because Irish bank executives were paying themselves millions of pounds a year when the banks were making no real profits beyond the accountancy tricks engineered by the auditors.
Irish banks went bust because Irish banks operated an illegal cartel and engaged in fast practices with property speculators in an attempt to corner the property market in Ireland.
There should be no bank executive in Ireland earning more than 10 thousand Euro a year now.
Any small businessman knows that when your business isn't generating profits then the top man takes the hit.
The bankers are currently paying themselves million dollar salaries and million dollar bonuses out of the money Fianna Fail is still throwing at them.
This is not money Fianna Fail has itself in its possession.
This is money Fianna Fail is borrowing agains the nation's future.
Our children will be born into penury because of these grotesque overpaid Fianna Fail hirelings.
We need to stop these people.
All of them.
They are driving out country towards left wing absolutism on a tide of corruptions.
Their hubris is that they just can't stop.
One more thing.
Those members of the Irish middle class who are employed by the State need to put their house in order.
The State sector employees who have extorted ridiculous pay rates from a Fianna Fail government they knew to be weak vascillatory and criminally corrupt, those State sector employees need to voluntarily give that money back.
Whining about the corrupt bankers won't cut it when the country is about to become a card carrying member of the third world.
Let's put the bankers in jail alright.
But the preponderance of Ireland's collapsing financial situation has been caused by teachers, nurses, police officers, soldiers and uncivil servants.
They need to wake up and admit what they've done.
And they need to give the money back.
And they need to pray for forgiveness.
Hey Nursies.
Give the money back.
Your children won't thank you for the apocalypse.


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